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Resident Stories

“I moved to the village in January 2018, the last three years have gone so quickly, I have a lovely apartment and friends and couldn’t be happier.''

Barbara Reeves

New Oscott

Yvonne believes moving to the village is an adventure. ‘Neville would have wished me to move, it’s what he would have wanted for me,’ she says. ‘I think we would have closed the door behind us, both equally happy that we were going to the village.

Yvonne Jack

Hughenden Gardens Village

I have already made friends with people who are planning to move to the village. I will feel braver to try new things. I can just see freedom, the chance to spread my wings and touch other people’s lives.

Pam Fortune

Stoke Gifford Village

Ann moved into Lark Hill in 2009 and enjoys the security of living in the village. ‘I’m on my own,’ she says. ‘Here you know there is someone who will help you out. The staff are absolutely wonderful. This is one of the best moves I have ever made.’

Ann Strickland

Lark Hill Village

Come and have a look, you’ll love it. We aren’t lonely anymore, you have people around you to make you feel safe. The staff are so approachable, I love it, there really is nothing I don’t like about it. I thought I had no life before, but this place has given me a new lease for life.

Lilian Bradford and Mary Kerley

Solihull Village

Lilian recently celebrated her 103rd birthday and enjoyed a party with friends and family at Sunley. She describes being 103 as much like being 100, but quite different from being 53; There is no secret, but having a positive outlook in life certainly helps.

Lilian Tavener-Jones

Sunley Court

Moving here has been so much better than my previous flat, I simply didn’t have the community there. Hughenden Gardens itself is a nice building to live in, and relatively new, when I first walked in I thought it looked like a hotel it was rather nice. Having regular contact with the group we have here is also deeply appreciated. We all enjoy a chat, and spending time together.

Stuart Welsh

Hughenden Gardens Village

Everyone here does their very best. I like to have a chat sometimes, I’m quite the chatterbox. I also like my space and independence and it has been the right decision for me to move here. They do very well. The staff are lovely, that’s what matters. I feel safe.

Pam Davis

Hughenden Gardens Village