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Lark Hill Village


About the village

Lark Hill Retirement Village is ExtraCare’s largest village with unrivalled views over open countryside in Clifton.

It provides 327 spacious homes and a host of opportunities for over 400 local residents. Whether you wish to make new friends, enjoy hobbies and skills, or protect your future you can do so in a vibrant and welcoming community where care is available if you need it.


Lark Hill village bar
Lark Hill village hardressers
Lark Hill village
Lark Hill village
Channel 4's Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds
Lark Hill village care services
Lark Hill village
Lark Hill village
Lark Hill Village library
Lark Hill village fitness suite
Lark Hill village gardens
Lark Hill village woodwork
Lark Hill village gardens
Lark Hill village gym
Lark Hill village pets
Lark Hill village hall
Lark Hill village gym
Lark Hill village hairdressers
Lark Hill village bistro
Lark Hill - Guest Suite
Lark Hill bistro

Properties for sale (Full & shared ownership)

1 Bedroom Apartment

Lark Hill, Nottingham

Prices From £132,500 (50% shared Ownership)

Weekly charges and deferred fees apply

1 Bedroom Bungalow

Lark Hill, Nottingham

Prices From £325,000 (full Ownership)

Weekly charges and deferred fees apply

2 Bedroom Apartment

Lark Hill, Nottingham

Prices From £165,000 (50% shared Ownership)

Weekly charges and deferred fees apply

2 Bedroom Bungalow

Lark Hill Village, Nottingham

Prices From £385,000 (full Ownership)

Weekly charges and deferred fees apply

Contact Lark Hill Village

Lark Hill Village

New Rise, Clifton,

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,

NG11 8BH

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Library/IT Suite


Multi-function Games Room

Guest Suite

Woodwork Room



Dementia and Mental Wellbeing Service

Village Hall


Beauty salon

Village Shop

Indoor Bowling Green and Winter Garden

Hobby Room

Communal Parking

Property charges

Contrary to popular belief, retirement villages can be surprisingly affordable, and can offer a range of financial benefits that traditional housing options may not provide.


With a fantastic range of village activities on site there is always something to do

Resident story

When my parents got older, I reduced work hours to part time to support them. I didn’t want to put my children in the same position, being here we don’t have to. Here we have everything we need, it’s the banter and the wonderful sense of community that I love, it really is amazing.

Brenda & George

Lark Hill Village

Resident story

My favourite thing about working out at our gym is the positive outcomes, physically and mentally, that my regular exercising brings. It’s never too late to exercise!

John Wheeldon

Lark Hill Village

Resident story

When my husband and I reached middle-age, we developed different hobbies. It was then we realized our shared desire to explore something entirely new to both of us. We decided to pursue beekeeping!

Jennifer Abercrombie

Lark Hill Village

Resident story

He started attending Otago classes at the Nottingham retirement village several years ago, and says that the classes have helped his condition.

Peter Deaton

Lark Hill Village

Resident story

Barbara is living at Lark Hill Village along with her 86-year-old husband Arthur.

Barbara Webb

Lark Hill Village

Resident story

‘Everything is under one roof and you can have a good social life without putting your hat and coat on.’

Beryl Poulson

Lark Hill Village

Resident story

Ken says he wouldn’t want to live on his own. At Lark Hill Village, he knows he won’t be lonely. ‘I’m only a few yards away if I want company,’ he says. ‘It’s a wonderful place.’

Ken Pidcock

Lark Hill Village

Resident story

Kathleen volunteers on reception and enjoys going to the gym at the village.

Kathleen Mayfield

Lark Hill Village

Resident story

Lavinia enjoys the peace of mind that comes with living at Lark Hill Village. ‘There’s always someone there when I want them,’ she says.

Lavinia Faulkner

Lark Hill Village

Resident story

‘’I like the fact there’s always plenty of people about and everyone is willing to help me. That’s lovely,’ she says.

Lilian Calvert

Lark Hill

Resident story

Margaret Reynolds, a former nursery teacher, says moving to Lark Hill Village was the best move she ever made.

Margaret Reynolds

Lark Hill Village

Resident story

‘I think all people should look to their future,’ she says. ‘Even when you are old you have a future. That’s why I came here. ‘

Pauleen Davies

Lark Hill Village

Social rented properties

Care & wellbeing

Affordable living

Social rented properties

We offer a proportion of social rented properties across our locations.

These are allocated jointly with the local authority. A local Council will have a policy on who qualifies for social housing and who gets priority for this in the area, please contact the local Council directly to find out about eligibility.

Unfortunately we do not offer private rental or sub letting on any of our properties.

Care & wellbeing

ExtraCare takes pride in providing exceptional retirement care services for those who need it. Our care services include assisted living support, well-being support, and dementia care. Have a watch of the video to find out more.

Find out more about our Care and Wellbeing services here.

Affordable living

At ExtraCare we assist our residents to maximise their income through identifying benefits and assistance they may be missing out on.

The following costs associated with Village residency may be eligible for support through the Welfare Benefits System:

  • Housing costs of a shared ownership or rental property
  • The provision of care
  • Weekly charges

Our Welfare Benefits Advisors can advise, in confidence, about a resident’s entitlements. In some rare cases, levels of benefit entitlement may be insufficient, but our Welfare Benefits Team is able to complete an affordability assessment with you to offer guidance and support.

In 2022/2023 our advisors saved residents over £5.8M and supported 70% of residents to receive what they are entitled to.

CQC overall rating

Lark Hill Village



Needs Improvement


Did you know?

  • ExtraCare is a Registered Charity
  • We have a gold award from Investors in People
  • We have 20 locations across the UK
  • Over 80% of our residents have no care needs.
  • Those with a limited income find it very affordable to live in our locations
  • Pets are welcome to live here too
Lark Hill Village, Nottingham
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