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Lifestyle & community


At our locations you choose your own pace of life! Relax in our shared spaces or take time out for yourself.

With a range of facilities you’ll never find yourself short of something to do.

ExtraCare villages are not just about providing new places to live, they’re about giving residents a new lease of life. Featuring contemporary, stylish apartments our retirement villages and schemes are designed to provide you with a fulfilling lifestyle as an active member of a vibrant and bustling community.


Walking football
New Oscott retirement village gardens
Solihull Retirement Village
Earlsdon Park
Retirement village activities
Take a look inside one of our integrated retirement communities.

Resident Stories

I’ve always collected music and been a fan of it, I don’t know why but I collected karaoke songs. After a year of living at the village I stepped in and DJ’d at a 90th birthday party, after that I ended up doing it regularly. That’s how I got my nickname ‘DJ Roy’.

Roy Elis – DJ

Bournville Gardens Village

Resident Stories

Margery says she would like to say ‘thank you’ to ExtraCare. ‘They have definitely given me my life back,’ she says. ‘They have given me something to look forward to. I feel alive again.

Margery Crampton

Bournville Gardens

Resident Stories

I hope the people who come here will be as happy as we’ve been,’ she says. ‘When we closed the door we went to Bournville Gardens and I will not look back. It’s a new home with new beginnings.

Maureen & Michael Rickards

Bournville Gardens

Resident Stories

Everybody is friendly, even if you don’t know them you can say “hello” or “good morning”. Everybody is supportive of each other. If you have a problem, you only need to knock on someone’s door and you’ll be greeted by a friendly face and vice versa, we’d welcome our fellow residents to knock on our door in a time of need. Although we’re a community of 300, we live in little avenues, so we have a built a very supportive network just in our avenue.

Dick & Beryl Whittington

Bournville Gardens

Resident Stories

We have been at Bournville Gardens since it opened.
The whole concept of having everything on site here is perfect. Even if you don’t drive, you can still have a life. I hope the people who come here will be as happy as we’ve been.

Maureen Rickards

Bournville Gardens