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Our research

Our approach

Our research projects evaluated how our model of integrated homes, health and social care makes a real difference to older people’s lives

Working with Aston and Lancaster Universities the research tested the impact of our approach on the quality of life and cost to society of health and social care for older people.

The first study was completed between 2012 and 2015, and a further study was completed between 2015 and 2018.

The latest research study builds on the findings from the 2015 report. The focus in both studies is on the benefits to residents provided by ExtraCare villages and schemes including sustained improvements in markers of health and well-being for residents and subsequent cost implications for the NHS.

Our 2015 report showed that there were significant continuous improvements over the three years in depression, perceived health, memory and autobiographical memory that were unique to ExtraCare participants.

A number of these analyses were repeated over a three-year period to assess for any continued change and over the full 60 months for ExtraCare residents only. Data from the participants was collected at regular intervals.

Nineteen villages and schemes were included within the assessments with more than 160 residents involved.

The second phase also included additional measures for loneliness, resilience and quality of life.


What we discovered

Key findings from our 2012-15 and 2015-18 research studies into healthy ageing for older people.

The key results from our 2012-15 and 2015-18 research studies showed that since moving in, significant improvements can be found in ExtraCare residents’ health and wellbeing. Residents at our retirement villages get more physical exercise and have improved their memory and cognitive abilities.

In some critical health factors where a downward trend might normally be expected with age, for example functional ability, independence or age-related changes in cognitive function, no such trends are emerging.

Levels of depression are low among residents while social wellbeing is high, with lower levels of loneliness than national averages.

ExtraCare residents have changed the way in which they use health care resources and usual age-related changes in frailty status are delayed.

A number of benefits in relation to our model were discovered including: 

  • NHS costs reduce by 38%
  • Unplanned hospital stays reduced from 8-14 to 1-2 days
  • 46% reduction in routine and regular GP visits
  • 14.8% reduction in depressive symptoms in 18 months
  • 23% decrease in anxiety symptoms
  • Significant improvements in the level of exercise done by residents (75%)
  • Increase in walking speed and a reduction of falls over the first two years
  • The increase of frailty is delayed or reversed in residents
  • 24% increase in autobiographical and 17% increase in memory recall tests
  • 86.5% of residents were ‘never or hardly ever’ lonely

View our research findings

Our research in collaboration with Aston and Lancaster Universities provided the above findings. The research titled “Integrated homes, care and support – a proven model to achieve better lives for older people” and “Integrated homes, care and support – Measurable Outcomes for Healthy Aging” is available to download below.


Get your hands on your free copies of the PDF mini report and full study!

What people say

Listen to what our residents and supporters have to say about living in an ExtraCare village and the valuable work we do as a charity to enable better lives for older people.


The late Baroness Greengross OBE

The late Baroness Greengross OBE visited ExtraCare’s Hughenden Gardens Village in High Wycombe. She told us how she believed that living in an ExtraCare village promotes independence in later life.

All research

We have over 30 years of experience working with older people, and we’ve worked with a number of research organisations.

Together we’ve enjoyed working with a number of universities, colleges and research organisations which are keen to research our approach with respect to housing, healthcare, wellbeing and lifestyle.