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Care services

Care is at the heart of everything

ExtraCare takes pride in providing exceptional retirement care services for those who need it. Our care services include assisted living support, well-being support, and dementia care.

Have a watch of the video to find out more.

Care & support

Our care services include; assisted living support, wellbeing support, and dementia care.

What care & support do we provide?

ExtraCare offers a range of care and support services, tailored to individual needs at every stage of life.

ExtraCare offer:

  • Domiciliary care and support
  • End of life care
  • Additional services, including cleaning and shopping

ExtraCare support our residents to maintain their independence, providing reassurance, safety and security. We can support with:

  • Showering, bathing, washing, shaving, oral hygiene and dressing
  • Toileting assistance
  • Support with mechanical mobility equipment
  • Support with escorting down to communal areas if there is an assessed need
  • Meal preparation and support with eating
  • Administering and support to take medication
  • General safety and wellbeing checks
  • Waking night support with staff on site at villages
  • Sleep in support with staff on site at schemes

ExtraCare’s Additional Services are available to all residents. Individual programmes can be tailored to a person’s needs and can start from just 15 minutes per session. They can be on a temporary basis, or a regular service. Learn more about these services in our wellbeing and care leaflet.

When a person accesses care they can meet with our own specialist benefits advisors who will advise on care costs. Our specialist advisors can help to access or update an individual’s benefits entitlements, guiding them through the process in complete confidence.

You can trust ExtraCare

Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), all care and support services are led by registered managers who have been approved by the CQC to ensure the highest standards are always followed.

Relevant local authorities award contracts to ExtraCare, as recognition of our reputation and excellent service. ExtraCare are also members of UKHCA (United Kingdom Homeecare Association).


Care Services

Wellbeing service

Dementia support

End of life support