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Resident Stories

If I’m lonely I can go down to the coffee shop and I can go to the library. There are people around all the time.

Marie McCauley

Earlsdon Park Village

I can’t tell you the support the residents give to each other, I have some very close friends here.

Jean Humphreys

New Oscott Village

Margery says she would like to say ‘thank you’ to ExtraCare. ‘They have definitely given me my life back,’ she says. ‘They have given me something to look forward to. I feel alive again.

Margery Crampton

Bournville Gardens

I hope the people who come here will be as happy as we’ve been,’ she says. ‘When we closed the door we went to Bournville Gardens and I will not look back. It’s a new home with new beginnings.

Maureen & Michael Rickards

Bournville Gardens

The ethos of the whole place is caring,' she says. 'It's what it's all about. That's why it's called ExtraCare

Pam Rossiter

Humber Court

We have wonderful staff here and some lovely tenants who want to get involved. Pannel Croft is going to be one of the best retirement villages in the country.

Rosita Codrington

Pannel Croft Village

I like to go to Tai Chi and IT and coffee mornings for a chat. I also like ballroom dancing.

June Gibbs

Hagley Road Village

I think volunteering is good because it means you do mix with people. It is good to feel that I am contributing to the life of the Village.

Sheila Harris

Hagley Road Village

I’m up early and usually the first in the gym, at 8am. I like the cycling, the treadmill, the rowing machine and the weights.

Barry Wilcox

Hagley Road Village

Pannel Croft Village's Well-being Advisor Kate Gokova assists Sadrudin with advice on his diet and completing a diet monitoring chart.

Sadrudin Peermahomud

Pannel Croft Village

“I am so happy,” says great-grandmother Winifred McLaren, whose life has been transformed since she moved into ExtraCare’s Hagley Road Village.

Winifred McLaren

Hagley Road Village

"Having the stroke has changed my life but I am coming to terms with it more now. Life is much better. Hagley Road Village is definitely the best place for me to be. If you feel a little bit fed up there’s always someone to chat to."

Geoff Green

Hagley Road Village