Our Wellbeing Service

ExtraCare's award-winning Wellbeing Service supports all residents to be proactive in managing their own health.

Wellbeing Advisors


ExtraCare's Wellbeing Advisors (registered general nurses) empower residents to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and health via wellbeing assessments.

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Assessments and Support

Each assessment typically covers a range of tests and common conditions, including blood pressure, cholesterol level, urine, diet, fitness, sleep, diabetes and osteoporosis.

As required, residents can be referred to their doctor for treatment or offered further advice by their Wellbeing Advisor. Progress is supported through follow-up assessments, well-being talks or even gym sessions, as appropriate to each resident's needs.

Background and Key Findings

Prior to the introduction of the Wellbeing Service, a survey at one ExtraCare housing scheme revealed that 75% of those living independently had not accessed their GP within the last year, perceiving ill health, discomfort and disability to be natural consequences of getting older.

Some other key findings:

The pilot Wellbeing Service in two Housing Schemes identified 122 previously undetected and untreated conditions amongst a population of 135 people.

Common issues identified include high blood pressure, urinary tract infection and diet.

One ExtraCare Village estimates a saving of 500 hospital bed-days per annum as a result of reduced unplanned admissions.

Minimal intervention can significantly improve quality of life: 105 people were identified with hearing loss, of which 48 benefited from almost immediate improvement due to ear syringing and hearing aid repair/adjustment.


Aston University researchers have studied the effects of our well-being programme. The three-year project carried out by Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA) focuses on the impact of the Charity's service on the longer term well-being of residents and the associated care costs.

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Award-Winning Service

ExtraCare's Wellbeing Service has been recognized as best practice through a number of regional and national awards