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He started attending Otago classes at the Nottingham retirement village several years ago, and says that the classes have helped his condition.

Peter Deaton

Lark Hill Village

Meet Peter!

Peter Deaton lives at Lark Hill Village in Nottingham and has peripheral neuropathy, which has led to nerve damage in his feet.

He says: “It means I have rather wobbly feet and legs, but I find that the classes really help.

“I was at the very first class – it was just me and Chris there! That was good though, because Chris was able to use it to work out timings, and I definitely got lots of attention.

“Exercise is really meant to help with my condition, and when I’m walking, I might have a bit of pain for the first 100 feet or so, but after that it goes away and it does feel better.

“When I’m not taking the classes, I can definitely feel that everything hurts a bit more. The classes really help. And we have a bit of fun as well.”

What is Otago?

The Otago Exercise Programme was designed by the University of Otago Medical School, New Zealand, specifically to prevent falls in older people. It consists of a set of leg muscle strengthening and balance retraining exercises progressing in difficulty, and a walking plan.

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Quite apart from the amazing comfort, spaciousness and support, the village is a wonderful combination of lots of activities, wonderful friendliness, and the chance, when you want, to be alone and undisturbed. Everyone can do their retirement their way!

Ruth Finnegan OBE - Author

Shenley Wood

We’ve made some very close friends here; we meet downstairs and feel very safe and secure.  In your own house you may not know your neighbours, you feel much less lonely here. Here you can have a cup of coffee with anyone!

Peter and Penny

Lovat Fields Village