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Pannel Croft Village's Well-being Advisor Kate Gokova assists Sadrudin with advice on his diet and completing a diet monitoring chart.

Sadrudin Peermahomud

Pannel Croft Village

Meet Pannel Croft resident, Sadru!

Sadrudin Peermahomud lives at Pannel Croft Village. He was diagnosed with diabetes in the 1960s, and, now in his seventies, manages his condition with insulin and diet.

He says: “I went for a job and they sent me for a health test. It was revealed there that I had diabetes. It was a shock to me, but I later discovered that most of my family members have been predisposed to it. My mother, my father and my grandfather all had it. It appears to run in my family.

“I take insulin twice a day. I’m very guilty of not sticking exactly to my diabetes diet, but as long as my levels remain down I am okay.

“It seems to get out of control sometimes. I see the dietician and my diabetes team and they help me. Here in the Village there is always someone checking on me. I’m not left alone. The care staff drop in if I need anything, and I seldom have to go to the doctors or the hospital.

“As long as I take care and don’t allow the blood glucose levels to get too bad, I have a good life.”

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When my parents got older, I reduced work hours to part time to support them. I didn’t want to put my children in the same position, being here we don’t have to. Here we have everything we need, it’s the banter and the wonderful sense of community that I love, it really is amazing.

Brenda & George

Lark Hill Village

The best thing is having the support. We see each other most days. You can argue with a friend and you could never speak to them again but if you argue with a sibling they are still your sibling in the morning. I’m very protective of my brothers.”

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Hagley Road Village