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How to decide where to live in retirement

Retirement is an exciting chapter in life, and one of the key decisions you’ll face is finding a retirement home and choosing your perfect place to spend your golden years. This crucial step can significantly impact your overall happiness and wellbeing. While there’s no one size fits all answer, understanding why it’s essential to retire in the right place for you will help you make an informed decision for a fulfilling lifestyle.

Finding a retirement home that's perfect for you

Personal happiness

First and foremost, retirement is all about finding happiness and contentment after a lifetime of hard work, so finding the right place for you should align with your personal preferences and values.

Consider factors such as proximity to family and friends, access to recreational activities, and amenities that enhance your quality of life. Living in a place that resonates with your interests and desires, means you’ll be better positioned to enjoy every moment of this well-deserved phase.

Financial considerations

It’s no secret that finances play a significant role in retirement planning, and choosing the right location can impact your financial wellbeing. Different regions have varying costs of living and housing markets, so researching and selecting a destination that provides affordability and financial security is vital.

At ExtraCare, we pride ourselves on our affordable model that is made up of outright purchase, shared ownership and social rent. Click here to have a read of our recent blog post that disputes the misconception that retirement villages are only for the wealthy.

Health and wellness

Retirement is an opportunity to focus on your health and wellbeing, and as you age, access to quality healthcare becomes increasingly important. When deciding where to retire, consider the availability and quality of healthcare facilities and services in the area, such as access to outdoor activities, recreational spaces, fitness centres, and a clean environment.

One of our main aims at ExtraCare is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to enhance our residents’ experience, support their long-term health, and help them to remain independent for longer. In order to achieve this, each of our 20 integrated retirement communities (IRC’s) offer a broad range of health and leisure facilities, providing a completely fresh alternative to “traditional retirement homes.”

Click here to read about the key results from our 2012-15 and 2015-18 research studies which proved the ExtraCare lifestyle increases overall health and wellness.

Social connections

Retirement is not just about enjoying personal time, it’s also about social connections and building new relationships. Humans are inherently social beings, and having a supportive and engaging community is essential for a fulfilling life.

Consider the opportunities for social interaction, community involvement, volunteer work, and shared interests when evaluating potential new homes. A place with a vibrant community and opportunities to connect with likeminded individuals will massively enrich your retirement years.

Lin Fowler, resident at ExtraCare’s Brunswick Gardens Village talks about community life at the village: “We are a community of our own here…if you want the social side, you have it all here. This place supported me after I lost my husband. When Ken passed away the village even had a plaque put up for him in the bar, the place he loved and where we spent such happy times. I can go and visit it whenever I like. There’s friendship everywhere here, you’re not lonely, in any ExtraCare village you have as much privacy or friendship as you want. I’ve got all the support I need and that’s the beauty of living at a retirement village.”

Emotional and mental wellbeing

With your later years come significant life changes and transitions, making it crucial to choose somewhere that supports your emotional and mental wellbeing. Some thrive in bustling urban environments with access to cultural activities and lots of stimulation, while others prefer the tranquillity of rural areas. Understanding your emotional needs, including peace, a sense of purpose, and mental stimulation, will guide you towards a place that provides the right balance and supports your psychological wellbeing.

Ultimately, retirement is a time to create your own version of happiness and fulfilment and selecting the right place to do this is a vital decision that can shape your overall experience.

By considering factors such as personal happiness, financial considerations, health and wellness, social connections, and emotional wellbeing, then you can identify the ideal location that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Remember, retirement is your chance to live life on your terms, so make the most of it by finding a retirement property that can be your haven.

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