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Diwali Celebration Shines Bright at Coventry Retirement Village

“We love to dress up and enjoy the event, I’ve been here two years now and it’s a joy to celebrate our neighbours and their festivals and traditions.”

The spirit of Diwali illuminated a Coventry retirement village on Tuesday 31st October as residents came together to celebrate the Indian festival early in a spectacular way. With over 90 residents in attendance, Earlsdon Park Village transformed into a hub of colour and sparkle as residents were joined by the talented Haripa Dance Group.

Haripa Dance Group are an ensemble of women specialising in showcasing Indian dance and promoting cultural awareness with performances encompassing Giddha, Bhangra, and Bollywood dance styles. Set to the infectious beats of classical and modern songs attendees witnessed a true cultural kaleidoscope.

Residents and staff donned traditional Indian attire and fully immersed themselves in the event, where an array of Indian cuisine and drinks were available offering guests an authentic taste of India.

Resident Janet created her impressive Diwali light blue outfit over a few weeks using just three pieces of fabric. Janet’s friend Maxine commented, “We love to dress up and enjoy the event, I’ve been here two years now and it’s a joy to celebrate our neighbours and their festivals and traditions.”

A large group of people celebrating.
Residents including Janet who desgined her own outfit.
Residents made a strong effort for the event, Janet, in light blue designed and made her own outfit.
Staff serving indian food to attendees.
Staff at Earlsdon Park address the crowd.
The haripa dance performers putting on a show
Group of residents dancing
Staff wearing indian dress.
Group of residents dancing in a hall.

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, symbolises the victory of light over darkness and good over evil, making it an ideal occasion for fostering unity, harmony, and cultural exchange.

The celebration was a testament to the ExtraCare village’s commitment to creating an inclusive and vibrant community for all residents. The day not only showcased the cultural diversity and traditions of India but also provided a space for residents to partake in the joyous festivities that make Diwali so special.

Volunteer Organiser Abtar Sanga who organised the event commented: “It blew me away that people were so involved, they embraced the culture in both their outfits and taking part in the dancing. It’s great to share my culture with our residents and watch them enjoy it, it’s really quite overwhelming. What a great effort!”

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