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Better lives for older people

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Our inspirational retirement villages offer vibrant communities for over 55’s that support a healthy, active and independent lifestyle in later years. Since 1988, ExtraCare has been the UK’s leading not-for-profit pioneer for retirement living, opening 20 locations around our Midlands base and further South.

Pets at retirement villages
Bistro and bar at Solihull Retirement Village
Solihull Village gym
Solihull Retirement Village salon
Retirement village shop
Earlsdon Park Village facilities
Bournville Gardens Village
Retirement village gardens
Bournville Gardens Village

About ExtraCare

ExtraCare is the UK’s leading not-for-profit retirement village developer and operator.


Bournville Gardens Village,


Brunswick Gardens Village,


Earlsdon Park Village,


Hagley Road Village,


Hughenden Gardens Village,

Humber Court,

Lark Hill Village,


Longbridge Village, Birmingham,


Lovat Fields Village,

Willen, Milton Keynes

New Oscott Village,


Pannel Croft Village,


Reeve Court Village, Merseyside,

St Helens

Rosewood Court,

Shenley Wood Village,

Milton Keynes

Solihull Village,


St Oswald’s Village,

Stoke Gifford Village, Bristol,

Sunley Court,

Wixams Village,


Yates Court,

Integrated retirement communities

Explore our vibrant ExtraCare villages.


A healthy, active, independent lifestyle awaits at our thriving communities.

Care & wellbeing

Our exceptional level of care and wellbeing services are available for those who need them.


With our range of weekly activities there’s always something to do!

Resident Stories

The people here are lovely, and we feel safe. That’s a big thing to feel safe. We have made lots of friends. I love it here, I’m content.

Pam & Rob Randle

Solihull Village

Resident Stories

I used to be a warden for the elderly for over 20 years so you could say I am a people person. For my 80th birthday the village threw me a party, I could not believe it, 80 to 90 residents ended up showing up for me. There were even daffodil bulbs at my party for everyone.

Megan Betteridge

Longbridge Village

Resident Stories

Every Friday night we meet at one of our apartments and toast to friendship. We then enjoy a G&T and fish and chip Friday night and come here to enjoy the Piazza. We absolutely love it!

The Meaning of Friendship

Shenley Wood Village

Resident Stories

It has been two and a half years since we moved into Shenley Wood. We found our apartment here with the help of the council and I love it, it’s the best thing that happened to me. I love everything about this place.

Ghazal Butt

Shenley Wood

Latest News

Windrush Art Exhibition debuts at Birmingham Retirement Village
An opening night celebration has been held to introduce an emotive Windrush art exhibition. Pannel Croft Retirement Village hosts the exhibition which is open to the public through July.

July 15, 2024

Sustainable Living: Creating Eco-Friendly Retirement Villages
Eco groups at ExtraCare Villages have become increasingly prevalent. With residents involved in activities like creating recycling areas and advocating for energy-efficient solutions, the charity is ensuring it moves towards an eco-friendly future.

July 11, 2024

The value of peace of mind in retirement
In this article, we delve into the five reasons why finding peace of mind is so important in retirement.

July 10, 2024

Jazz Festival promises musical magic across Birmingham
ExtraCare residents and villages will be taking part in the 40th Birmingham Jazz & Blues Festival with nine acts performing across the charity’s six West Midlands village locations.

July 3, 2024