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Former Art Director at Solihull Society of Arts Nick Worley discusses his new art course at ExtraCare’s Solihull Village and what volunteering means to him. 

Nick Worley - Art Instructor

Solihull Village

Former Art Director at Solihull Society of Arts Nick Worley discusses his new art course at ExtraCare’s Solihull Village and what volunteering means to him. 

My wife originally volunteered at Solihull Village and mentioned that I had an involvement with art. ExtraCare then reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in running a course. So, on June 1st, we kicked off the art class.

Every Thursday, from 10.30am to 12.00pm, I have a wonderful group of 8 to 11 attendees. Teaching this class has been such a fulfilling experience. I have a deep passion for art and being able to share that enthusiasm with others and help them discover their artistic potential makes me happy.

This class not only allows me to inspire others but also reignites my own love for art. It’s like having a weekly reminder to keep pursuing my hobby, and it keeps me inspired and creative just as much as my students.

Before this, my journey led me through various paths, from being a Local Councillor to working as a Probation Officer. But throughout it all, art has been a constant companion. I’ve used it to run educational programs and art classes for offenders, finding creative ways to help them express themselves.

We started our art course at the village with simple shapes and moved on to more complex pieces. The growth and progress of the members has been amazing to witness. We explore everything from perspective and depth to colours and tricky textures like animal fur, mostly using watercolours.


Seeing the progress of my group has been incredibly rewarding. They’ve stuck with it, and their art has flourished along with their confidence. I admire their dedication and how they’ve embraced their creative sides. They even meet up on Sundays and enjoy each other’s company.

Retirement gave me the chance to fully immerse myself in art, and I became the Art Director at the Solihull Society of Arts, where I continued to learn and grow as an artist. Studying with prestigious institutions like Birmingham University and the Royal Academy further enriched my passion.

To me, volunteering is about giving back to the community we live in. It’s about making the world a better place, one small act of kindness at a time.  I truly believe that in helping others, we find fulfilment and happiness ourselves.

Solihull Village is a fantastic place to be. The building is modern, well designed, and welcoming, with great facilities that allow residents to thrive. It’s a pleasure to work in this environment.

Overall, it’s been a heart-warming experience, and I look forward to every class, as it brings joy to my life and, hopefully, to the lives of those attending. Volunteering and spreading creativity and happiness – that’s what it’s all about!



Nick’s class is open to Solihull Village residents and runs every Thursday 10.30am-12.00pm in the arts and crafts room. Find out more about volunteering at ExtraCare.

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