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Lark Hill Housekeeper Julia is celebrating ten years in her role. Julia discusses the key to her long service, and why Lark Hill Village remains close to her heart.

Julia - Housekeeper

Lark Hill Village

Meet Lark Hill Village’s Housekeeper, Julia!

I live in Wilford, it’s a tram ride away from Lark Hill Retirement Village, it takes only about 15 minutes. There is a terminus right outside the village so it’s no trouble for me getting in. I used to be a trained nurse but after I stopped to have children I was looking for a part time job. I was thrilled to get this one, it was flexible and I could work it around my life.

When I first started at the village it was surprising to me because there was no separation between the management and the staff. It really felt like we were all equal, it took me some time getting used to that, it was just so friendly. I work Monday to Friday part time and my role is mainly to do the laundry. I wash, dry, iron and return it to residents, as a result I get to know them very well.  They regularly talk with me and I become a friend and welcoming ear if they need it too.

I think the key to my long service is that I’m trusted to do my job. That trust in turn allows me to do my job well. I’m also part of a wider housekeeping team that really get on with one another.


At home I’m a carer for my partner and it can be really lonely there having to stay in, so my work brings me lots of laughter and distractions, they are very supportive.

My boss Kevan has also been amazing he’s guided me all the way and given me advice. I feel safe and I can go to him if I have any problem.

As well as being treated equally people treat me with respect here at Lark Hill. Being friends with our residents helps me to see life from their eyes too, there are truly some amazing people here! I’ll be 60 next year and I see myself being here until I retire, it really is such a happy environment to work in.




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