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Student volunteer Joe discusses the importance of volunteering at Solihull Village and what he enjoys most about his role!

Joe - Student Volunteer

Solihull Village

I think it’s important for people to volunteer especially young people at a retirement location because it is a good thing to do and everyone has time to chat to you because it’s not a pressurised environment. It is really an amazing team at Solihull Village!

I’m 18 years old and currently at a SEN Sixth Form in Solihull, I started volunteering at ExtraCare’s Solihull Village in November 2022.

My volunteer role involves me working at the bistro, collecting and washing plates and cups, cleaning the tables, and taking food out from the kitchen to residents, I also serve drinks and take food orders. I’ve learned so much from volunteering at the village where I work for a few hours a week over two days.

I started volunteering because I love to help people. I wanted to work in hospitality to gain experience and work with professional staff and friendly residents as I think I might want to train in hospitality for my future job. I really enjoy volunteering at ExtraCare.

I’d say my favourite part of what I do is meeting friendly people, helping residents and the fact that it keeps me busy in my spare time. I would recommend volunteering because it is great experience for future jobs and I am able to help people and give something back to my local community. I love seeing familiar friendly faces on each shift!

Joe working at the village.

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The biggest benefit for myself is the chance to communicate with customers coming into the shop and giving them a good impression of the charity therefore coming back to the shop frequently.


Parr Bridge Charity Shop

Student shop volunteer Ruby discusses her role volunteering at an ExtraCare charity shop.

Ruby - Student Volunteer

Charity Shop