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ExtraCare’s Wellbeing Lead Kate Jarvis delves into the transformative power of wellness-focussed communities

What defines a wellness-focused community and why do you think it’s so important in today’s society?

A wellness-focused community comprises individuals committed to proactive health management through research, health promotion, and lifestyle adjustments. Today, where advancements in modern medicine have significantly increased life expectancy, prioritising wellness is crucial. At ExtraCare, we support residents across 20 locations in living independently. Aston and Lancaster University’s research revealed that within our communities, 19% of pre-frail residents returned to a resilient state within 18 months, underscoring the positive impact of wellness-focused living.


How have the physical spaces been designed at ExtraCare to promote wellness?

At ExtraCare, our villages are meticulously designed to foster independence, accommodating diverse needs, from mobility aids to wheelchair accessibility. Our layouts prioritize generous wheelchair-accessible pedestrian throughfares, ensuring residents can navigate their surroundings comfortably.

We are constantly reviewing the effectiveness of the spaces we have within our communities, an example being the creation of Wellbeing Hubs which combines all wellbeing related facilities (Wellbeing Office, DMW Suite, Consultation room and Gym) into one area. This will provide residents and visitors with a clear focal point for wellbeing and create easy access to and visibility of wellbeing staff. Wellbeing Hubs can be multi-purpose to create a base for students on placement or visiting external practitioners hiring the space.


What role does social interaction play in fostering wellness within a community?

Social interaction is paramount in nurturing community health and wellness. It cultivates a sense of connection, purpose, and support, contributing to overall health and longevity. Through life-enriching activities and state-of-the-art health and leisure facilities, we empower residents to lead healthy, independent lives.

How can technology be leveraged to enhance wellness and connection in a community?

Technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing wellness and connectivity within ExtraCare communities. From robotics to smart devices, these innovations promote independence and even reduce the need for care. Our Smart Market initiative allows residents to explore and test various devices, fostering technological competency and confidence.

The Smart Market allows residents to borrow a number of Smart Devices (such as Alexa, Ring Doorbell, Smart Plugs, etc.) free of charge in order to decide whether or not they would like to buy them for themselves. Our innovation team travel around to locations and host the market where residents can borrow technology which is used in the innovation apartments and see how it can impact their day-to-day life. The hope being that they then implement smart technology in their own home. Preliminary feedback is overwhelmingly positive and there is a sense that residents who participate in Smart Market rentals can improve their technological competency and feel more confident in their abilities. 

Recently ExtraCare were awarded a Senior Housing Award for ‘Best use of technology’ for the adoption of Smart Markets and in recognition of an innovation apartment at Solihull Village, an initiative the charity are hoping to introduce in new villages going forward.

Finally, simple educational sessions such as those held by Ability Net in some ExtraCare locations have helped residents get to grips with more day-to-day technological tasks such as using a mobile phone or laptop.


What strategies can be employed to encourage healthy lifestyle choices in retirement?

With a number of facilities and award-winning wellbeing services our IRCs (Integrated Retirement Communities) encourage residents to proactively manage their health. Through baseline assessments, ongoing monitoring, and tailored support, we empower residents to embrace an independent and heathy lifestyle.


How does access to green spaces and nature impact our wellbeing?

Access to green spaces has proven benefits, including stress reduction, improved mental health, and enhanced wellbeing. We prioritise green areas, offering gardens, greenhouses, rooftop gardens, and living walls, providing residents with tranquil spaces to unwind and connect with nature.


What are the challenges and barriers to creating wellness-focused communities, and how can they be overcome?

Overcoming barriers such as intimidation, social isolation, and health perceptions is crucial. We offer inclusive gym facilities, exercise classes, and social support to encourage regular physical activity, fostering a supportive environment for all residents.


Jim, Hughenden Gardens Resident – “We have every opportunity to stay fit, I hadn’t anticipated this advantage, I go for a one-mile walk, either outside or in the corridors, and I go to the gym four or five times a week. My wife goes to yoga and keep fit, and we’re back dancing again thanks to the regular caberets. I’d ask anyone who’s reading this what did you do on New Years Eve?  We danced the night away to Showaddywaddy, how’s that for living?”

How can local businesses and organizations collaborate to support the wellness goals of an ExtraCare community?

Our locations collaborate with local businesses, healthcare professionals, and charities to support residents’ wellness goals. Through focus groups, talks, and partnerships with GP surgeries and other services, we provide holistic health advice and resources.


In what way does ExtraCare take pride in our efforts towards building communities focussing on wellbeing.

Our resident stories are the ultimate advocacy for the lifestyle associated with our retirement villages. ExtraCare’s ultimate aim is to create better lives for older people. We take pride in our dedication to building communities centred on wellbeing. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the lives of older adults, listening to resident feedback, empowering proactive health management, and fostering supportive environments.