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Noel talks volunteering and building relationships at Pannel Croft Village

Meet Noel. Noel Cosgrove, 77, has lived at ExtraCare’s Pannel Croft Village for 9 years. Originally from Cavan, Southern Ireland, Noel tells us about volunteering at ExtraCare and what it has meant to him.

Noel Cosgrove

“When I got to retirement age I moved with my wife to Pannel Croft after we saw it being built. Sadly I lost her shortly after we moved but I love it here, I have Christmas day here and Christmas dinner.

My wife and I decided to move here in case anything happened to either of us in the future to make sure we had people around us. My son is happy I’m here now, I get the bus out to see him often and there’s good access for me from here. I moved from a 3 bedroom house and had to downsize, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get here but I did! Now I’m a great grandad, my granddaughter stays here with me sometimes. It’s just the right place for me and I have made so many good friends here.

I do a lot of volunteering at Pannel Croft, I help set up for events, I assist with setting up the market every Thursday and other events in the hall. I’m also the resident bingo caller twice a week and I hand out leaflets and post to residents too, everybody knows me here.

Volunteering means there is always something to do, I’ve been doing it about 8 years now. It helped me get to know people. Now everyone seems to know me. I’d be bored without it as I’m the kind of person that likes to keep busy.

I have a good relationship with other volunteers, everyone says I do too much, but they are just looking out for you, there’s a real sense of community with the residents and the management.

I would definitely recommend volunteering, no two ways about it. It’s giving back to the retirement village and building the community you are living in.”

If you would like to get involved and volunteer at one of our ExtraCare locations, email!