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New year, new hobby suggestions for retirees

It’s never too late to try something new, and what better time than the beginning of a new year to take on a fresh new hobby! As a wise man once said “Variety is the spice of life, it gives it all its flavour” and we couldn’t agree more. We have listed our top hobbies for retirees in this article to help inspire you to get up and try something new this January!

New year new hobby

1. Play a musical instrument

I think pretty much everyone at some point in their life has wanted to be a musician. For me I’ve had a dabble with the acoustic guitar, and the cornet. Why a cornet and not a standard trumpet? I have absolutely no idea! But either way that one didn’t last long anyway…which is completely beside the point…

The point is to give it a go. You may have played an instrument as a youngster and might like to pick it back up again, or you may want to try something completely new to you. There are so many classes available both online and face- to- face now. You could even rent an instrument to see if you like it before splurging on a brand new all singing, all dancing electric guitar, and then deciding being a rockstar isn’t for you.

2. Painting

Could now be the time to unleash your inner Picasso?!

If so, first you’ll need to decide what type of paints you’re thinking of using, whether that be oil, acrylic, watercolours, pastels, there’s a lot to choose from and consider. Also, with it being quite an expensive hobby you should make sure you research before purchasing.

Check out these bestsellers to see what other painters opted for.

3. Volunteering

There are so many voluntary positions within communities such as charity shops, homeless shelters, tutoring, youth work, events, befriending and mentoring, all of which would not only benefit your local area, but has proven health and well-being benefits for yourself:

• 20% of volunteers say it has helped them lose weight
• 62% of volunteers say volunteering reduces stress
• 52% of volunteers use existing skills or experience
• 48% are learning new skills or trying something different
• 89% of volunteers say that they’ve met new people via volunteering

4. Exercise

It’s no secret that regular exercise enhances your life in many ways, it not only improves overall health, but also your mental well-being. The NHS states there’s strong evidence that people who are active have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, depression and dementia.

Now exercise doesn’t have to mean running a marathon, it can mean a steady country walk, tennis with a friend, joining the local gym, aerobics classes, pilates, aqua fit, yoga! There are no limits to the variety of different fitness-based hobbies you could take up for all different levels and abilities.

5. Gardening

Why is gardening the perfect hobby for retirees?

• Gardening keeps you active
• Growing your own produce encourages a healthy diet
• Being outdoors in the fresh air improves your mind and immune system
• A garden is a known therapeutic environment
• Your garden doesn’t have to be a huge, it could be just a stand alone green house, some pots dotted around or even just a few hanging baskets either side of your door
• Gardening can get you involved with the community and become a social thing


6. Brew your own beer

According to a study carried out by Proactive Health Labs, 62% of men say beer is their preferred choice of alcoholic beverage. So with this being said, if you are amongst this statistic, why not turn this into your hobby? And no, I don’t mean sit and drink beer all day long (as great as that sounds!) I mean brew your own beer.

There are so many places online to purchase the equipment, so why not give it a go?

My dad did this in lockdown 1.0 all the way back in April 2020 and he would definitely recommend it to any man (or woman) as a great pastime with a great end result to enjoy.

Love Brewing have everything you need and even offer brewing courses!


7. Pottery

If you haven’t already, have a log onto Channel 4 and catch The Great Pottery Throwdown! The show involves twelve of Britain’s best home potters competing to be crowned best at the wheel. Not only a nice and cheery watch, but also great inspiration for a new hobby. Especially for those with a creative flair and interest in art, pottery is a great way for you to start something new and exciting this year.

There are so many great pottery classes out there, or you could go straight in at the deep end and purchase some air-dry clay and get cracking at home.

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