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How to stay active in retirement

Transitioning to retirement life brings many significant changes to your routine and way of living, but these changes are most definitely not something to shy away from. Embrace the change. Embrace the freedom. Embrace all the time you now have to do the things you enjoy!

However, entering retirement also comes with the risk of unintentionally becoming a lot less active, with the working day completely removed from your schedule, it is up to you to make staying active a priority.

Now more than ever there is a huge spotlight on health and wellbeing, so here’s how to stay active in retirement!


Downsize to a retirement community

Often, one of the first things that springs to mind when retiring, is the prospect of downsizing. Although many of you are probably thinking that that will make you LESS active! With the reduction of chores, and a smaller garden to maintain, etc. However, this is where retirement communities come into the mix.

Retirement communities offer a wealth of wonderful opportunities that help retirees aged 55 + to stay active, with the promotion of health and wellbeing at the forefront of everything they do.

This way of living, (initially adopted from the US and Down Under,) means you’ll always be surrounded by other like-minded individuals to get you out and about. You’ll partake in activities you maybe wouldn’t have dreamed of having a go at previously, and it’ll allow you to discover new passions and skills.


Group classes

Not only does a group class do the obvious and keep you active, but it also provides a great social opportunity. The ultimate killing of two birds with one stone activity!

Classes are a great way to improve your cognitive function too! It’s just as important to keep your mind active as it is your body. From learning new yoga positions, a musical instrument, or trying out Zumba for the first time. Your mind is engaged as well as your body.

The ExtraCare lifestyle provides a wide range of sociable opportunities and activities including:

• Gyms and group classes
• Arts and crafts
• Gardening
• Woodwork
• Computer training
• And much more!


A dog

It’s not uncommon for people to reach retirement and struggle with the sudden lack of routine. However, bringing a dog into your life will add structure and essential physical activity into your routine.

The required daily walks will be fantastic for your health. Snow, rain, or shine, your dog will always need a walk, even on your down days when you may not feel like leaving your home, your furry friend needs you, and I guarantee you’ll feel a million times better for getting out and about!

We have made it our mission to be pet friendly throughout all our retirement communities in the UK. A dog is very much welcome, providing that you’re able to manage their requirements and you are able to make full arrangements for your pet to be cared for if you are unwell or away.



Retirement often changes people’s position in society, and some don’t cope so well with the effects of this. Looking for a new purpose or a new role is what they need.

It is so important to have a purpose, no matter what stage of your life you’re in. Whether it is taking care of your grandchildren, voluntary work or trying out a new hobby.

At ExtraCare we have many volunteering opportunities across our locations, including retirement villages, schemes and charity shops.