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A Cut Above: Son Shaves Head to Fundraise for Mum’s Retirement Community in Kettering

In an inspiring act of dedication, a son has shaved his head to raise funds for ExtraCare’s Sunley Court, the retirement community where his mother lives. Gary Grove’s kind efforts aimed to raise at least £500, but through tremendous support, he impressively doubled this target, reaching a target of over £1,000 in sponsorship.

“I’ve enjoyed today, it feels sort of strange to have no hair now though. I decided to let my hair grow over 5 years ago and haven’t had a haircut since then,” Gary shared. “My hair is around 28 inches. Since the decision was made, I also stopped shaving, so the beard was included. Mum got the first cut! To quote Mum after I grew my hair, ‘Love you, but not your hair!'”

The event, held at Sunley Court, drew a lively crowd of residents who cheered as Gary’s mother, Margaret, took the first cut to his long ponytail. The head shaving was completed by a staff member with prior hairdressing experience, and the event concluded with the removal of Gary’s beard and eyebrows, all in the name of charity.

Gary’s hair will be donated to the Little Princess Trust, where it will be used to create wigs for children and young people undergoing cancer treatment. The funds raised from the event will directly benefit Sunley Court, enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

Margaret expressed her pride at Gary’s efforts. “I’m not surprised he’s done this. It’s been a long time since I cut his hair, and though I was quite happy to see the hair go, I can hardly recognise him now! I’m really quite proud of him; he’s raised quite a bit, hasn’t he?”

Margaret cutting Gary's hair with scissors.
Margaret holding hair up in the air.
Margaret shaving head.
A staff member shaving Gary's eyebrows.
Gary with half head shaved and half head still with hair.
Gary holding the two hair plaits after they've been cut off.
Gary sat at the front with all the residents gathered behind him.

Gary’s fundraising efforts were increased with the support of resident Bill who bravely volunteered to have his back and chest waxed to add to the funds.

To support Gary’s cause and make a donation to the Kettering retirement community, please visit the Just Giving Page.