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I just love to perform. I even recorded my own song in the Netherlands at a studio. Soon I’ll be going on tour in America with fellow competition winners at a talent agency.

Shena Davidson

Pannel Croft Village

Meet Shena!

Shena’s determination and grit following six strokes is stronger than ever. A talented singer, she will be performing on a US tour later in the year as she turns her attention to acting. She tells us about her extra ordinary life at Pannel Croft Village.

I just love to perform. I recorded my own song in the Netherlands at a studio once, it was song of the week. I knew then that I had the ability to embrace my talents. Recently I was delighted to get 3rd place in a talent agency competition after I performed an acting scene.

I will be going on a cruise trip in August on tour with other people from the competition. My granddaughter took part in the auditions with me and she also acted in the stage show Matilda. She will be on the tour with her grandma.

I have had six strokes! Don’t give up would be my advice, never give up, I am testament to that, as long as you have breath in your body, do what you like most.

For those people like me with a disability, I’d say not to give up on your dreams, just go through it because talent is something that is in borne. When I was young, I always wanted to act and I never got the chance to do it, but if it’s something inside you and you were born with it’s never too late. I started acting later in life, you can too.

Before retiring I was a nurse and sadly I had an accident which forced me into retirement. I have been at Pannel Croft for ten years. It’s a wonderful, fantastic place, the person who came up with that idea of a village, it’s marvellous, I would love to thank that person from the bottom of my heart.

It’s very unique, the friendship, the love people show to each other here, you’re not by yourself, there is so much you can do here. When I moved here even though I had my disability, I started to run a life experience group and I still volunteer now. I also volunteer at the gym, after teaching gym instruction for a year. I volunteered with the choir, and with bereavement assistance too.

We have some lovely staff, and a wonderful care team. I know when I’m in difficulty with my health I ring my bell and someone comes to check on me. My children are happy that mum is being looked after. We are all one big family. If we continue to live like that, we can be a community.

I love volunteering, it takes you out of your apartment and gives you something to do. When someone else feels happy, you feel happy, especially when you know you’ve done something good, you feel joyful about it. It helps you to give back to your community. I do honorary chaplain work with the children’s hospital and the police. I’m not going to get my pension, lay back and go to sleep. No, we, the older generation still have so much to give!

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The best thing is having the support. We see each other most days. You can argue with a friend and you could never speak to them again but if you argue with a sibling they are still your sibling in the morning. I’m very protective of my brothers.”

Betty, Jim and Liam

Hagley Road Village

Finding this community is the best thing I ever did. The key is perseverance. Even if I don’t feel like going to the gym I go three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Gradually I became more able. Now we’re walking all around the perimeter of the village! It's absolutely lovely!


New Oscott Village