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We used to live in a 4 bedroom house and it was far more than we needed. We saw the village advertised and felt that it was a good idea and after looking around we thought it was wonderful.

Sheila & Brian Lomas

Stoke Gifford Village

Meet Stoke Gifford residents, Sheila and Brian!

Sheila Lomas, 85, moved into Stoke Gifford Village with her husband Brian, 82, in November. Sheila tells us how moving into the village has helped to improve her mobility.

Before moving in I was taken ill, and had to use a wheelchair. Immediately the maintenance staff were fantastic. The day we arrived they were in the bathroom straight away putting in all the aids I needed and within two hours everything was available to me.

Now I am out of my wheelchair and have been going to the gym every day. I go on the cycling machine which is really helping with my legs and means I am able to walk around with my walker.

I had never been in a gym before I moved here, but decided to give it a try. It’s certainly helped me physically. My walking is better and my legs don’t hurt so much, so that’s great! I go down every morning and thoroughly enjoy it.

Moving into the village has given me so many opportunities to take part in activities and meet new people. I enjoy reading in the library, taking part in a dance class and going to the afternoon social.

We have a mother and babies group come into the village and this is my favourite thing because I love the babies and the mums are just wonderful. On the same day I go to the library to listen to school children read, and as I love children I’m in my seventh heaven here!

I had my birthday last week and seeing the children made it the best one I’ve ever had! It’s made a terrific difference to me to be able to interact with the little ones and it’s taken years off my life!

One of the reasons for us moving here was that we knew there would be 24 hour care available. Hopefully we won’t need it, but it is there if we do, so that is a great piece of mind to us.

We have no worries now! Moving here is the best thing we have ever done, we are both so happy!

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The best thing is having the support. We see each other most days. You can argue with a friend and you could never speak to them again but if you argue with a sibling they are still your sibling in the morning. I’m very protective of my brothers.”

Betty, Jim and Liam

Hagley Road Village

Finding this community is the best thing I ever did. The key is perseverance. Even if I don’t feel like going to the gym I go three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Gradually I became more able. Now we’re walking all around the perimeter of the village! It's absolutely lovely!


New Oscott Village