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Recommend your friend

If someone you recommend moves into an ExtraCare location, we’ll give you £500 each.*

Friends are so special and you’ve probably made lots of new ones since living at an ExtraCare location. Imagine how lovely it would be if someone you care for joined you and became an ExtraCare resident.

  • Enjoy the closer company of old friends
  • Help them to lead a better life
  • Enjoy introducing them to your new friends
  • Know they’ll be safe and happy

Please let us know if you have any friends or relatives who may benefit from village life and would like to find out more.

  • Would they be happier with more company?
  • Is their home becoming too much to maintain?
  • Do they need care and support?
  • Would £500 help them become n ExtraCare resident?
The value of peace of mind in retirement

Terms & Conditions

  1. ExtraCare must be in receipt of this form, prior to receiving the Application for Housing form from the person you are recommending.
  2. You cannot recommend someone retrospectively.
  3. You must be already living in an ExtraCare location or have made an application for housing.
  4. The person you are recommending must not already appear on our existing direct mail database.
  5. This scheme is only available to those looking to purchase or part-purchase a property.
  6. Maximum of £1,000 per claim/transaction.
  7. £500 will be paid to you and your friend/relative once they have completed their purchase in an ExtraCare location.