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Property charges

Costs Involved

ExtraCare is a charity. Our principal aim is to ensure that we can offer our residents a truly rewarding lifestyle at a cost that is affordable and fair for all. As a charity, we are subsidising resident weekly charges by £3.4 million in 2023/24 ensuring that living in one of our locations is affordable for as many people as possible. For each apartment residents will therefore pay a maximum of £20 total per week for gas, electricity and water combined.

In addition to your purchase or rental costs, each home is subject to some on-going charges. These may vary according to your ExtraCare housing scheme or retirement village and type of tenure. For an explanation of charges, see the dropdown opposite.

The information on these pages is a guide only and may change or vary between locations. A copy of the lease and tenancy agreement is available upon request. We would advise prospective residents to seek independent legal and/or financial advice, support and representation as appropriate. Our charity’s services are monitored by ARCO which aims to set and maintain high standards for operators of retirement communities in the UK.

1. Your purchase and rental options

Depending on the location and your circumstances, you can:
  • Purchase a home outright (homes are offered on a leasehold basis)
  • Purchase a shared ownership home (‘shared ownership’ is where you buy a proportion of your home, then pay rent, which is the ‘interest only’ element, on the unpurchased portion).
  • Socially rent a home via your local authority

2. Our charges

In addition to your purchase or rental costs, each home is subject to the following on-going charges (which may vary according to your ExtraCare Scheme or Village and type of tenure):
  • Village Facilities Charge: Costs associated with maintaining the communal areas, such as: fire alarms, entry phone system and emergency lighting repair; communal area cleaning; rubbish collection, disposal and pest control; insurances; staff time for organising these services.
  • Apartment Maintenance Charge (this is included in rental costs for rented apartments, and will be a separate charge for purchase and shared ownership homes): This covers some tasks associated with the day-to-day maintenance of your home and the management time associated with these tasks. The charge also includes your buildings insurance (but not contents insurance). Full details will be given to you when you make your application.
  • Utilities Charge: All heat, light and power to each home; all water and sewage services associated with each home.
  • Village Amenities Charge (in some locations): A contribution towards the running of the Well-being Service, activity costs including staffing, a contribution towards the restaurant where applicable, 24-hour access to staff support in an emergency, and costs associated with running the communal areas.

3. Additional costs

Additional costs which vary between different ExtraCare Schemes and Villages may include:
  • Council Tax: Council tax is payable by you directly to the local council. The Council will work out your council tax charge based on the value of your home and its size. Find out more here.
  • Care: Care services are charged as required and costs vary according to the amount of care needed. Many residents can receive benefit entitlements to support the cost of their care and we will advise you when you apply.
  • Ground Rent: Ground rent may be payable at some locations and you will be informed if this is the case.
  • Stamp Duty (for purchasers only): You are eligible to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) if you buy a property or land over a certain price in the UK. Find out more here.
  • Home Contents Insurance: This is to cover the contents of your home. However, your building insurance will be covered in your Management Charge (see above).
  • Telephone/Internet/Broadband: If you require these services.
  • Satellite/Digital TV: If you require these services.
  • TV Licence (depending on your circumstances). Find out more here.
  • Maintenance of White Goods: Enhanced properties have integrated appliances (e.g. washer/dryer, fridge/freezer, oven, hob and extractor). You will be responsible for the maintenance of these after their respective warranties expire.

Access to Village Facilities: Whilst access to many of the Village facilities is covered by residents’ charges, membership of specific Village activity clubs and participation in Village entertainment and social outings are usually charged in relation to costs.

4. Leaving the Village – purchasers only

If you leave your purchased home, it will normally be purchased by The ExtraCare Charitable Trust which operates a waiting list of potential residents. The original purchase price of your home is guaranteed to be returned to you or your estate, minus a long term maintenance charge, an administration fee and any outstanding weekly charges. The long term maintenance charge supports renewal and replacement of structural and other integral items in the building, as well as anticipated costs of upgrades and improvements to the Village.

5. Availability of services

Please note, some non-essential services or activities may only be available subject to demand or the availability of staff or volunteer resources. (For example, this might influence the duration of the shop, restaurant and well-being service opening hours, or the availability of some resident activities or specialist/luxury treatments).

6. Cost reviews

Residents are informed in advance of annual reviews of their rental costs or other charges

7. Help with costs

The following costs associated with your Village residency may be eligible for support through the Welfare Benefits System:
  • Housing costs of your shared ownership or rental property.
  • The provision of care.
  • Your weekly charges.

Our Welfare Benefits Advisors can advise you, in confidence, about your entitlements. In some rare cases, levels of benefit entitlement may be insufficient, but our Welfare Benefits Team is able to complete an affordability assessment with you.

There are things in my life I would like to change, but the challenges in my life have made me much stronger. I am proud of the fact that everything I do here has allowed me to make so many friends. That is what I love the most.


Hughenden Gardens Village

Following my stay in hospital I have some care needs which ExtraCare have accommodated for. I give them ten out for ten for care. No ifs, no buts, they are absolutely spot on. They’re there for you and you can trust them to do what is best for you straight-away.

Richard Nursey

Hughenden Gardens Village

I have made lots of friends, everyone is just so nice. I recently celebrated my 93rd birthday and I was overjoyed to receive a surprise birthday cake with candles from my favourite staff in the village bistro.

Rosina Luxford

Hughenden Gardens Village

Yvonne believes moving to the village is an adventure. ‘Neville would have wished me to move, it’s what he would have wanted for me,’ she says. ‘I think we would have closed the door behind us, both equally happy that we were going to the village.

Yvonne Jack

Hughenden Gardens Village

Moving here has been so much better than my previous flat, I simply didn’t have the community there. Hughenden Gardens itself is a nice building to live in, and relatively new, when I first walked in I thought it looked like a hotel it was rather nice. Having regular contact with the group we have here is also deeply appreciated. We all enjoy a chat, and spending time together.

Stuart Welsh

Hughenden Gardens Village

Everyone here does their very best. I like to have a chat sometimes, I’m quite the chatterbox. I also like my space and independence and it has been the right decision for me to move here. They do very well. The staff are lovely, that’s what matters. I feel safe.

Pam Davis

Hughenden Gardens Village

I was a keen backgammon player from a young age, and I come from a card playing family. At my home here at Hughenden Gardens Village, I’ve taught others how to play the board game. All my life I’ve been a leader, not a follower. I got involved in lots of things, and here I am.

Molly Cooke

Hughenden Gardens Village

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