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We spoke to mother and daughter duo Field Training Officer Vicki and daughter Evie who spent her work experience with ExtraCare.

The duo discussed their experiences working for the charity and their mother/daughter relationship. 

Vicki stood next to Evie in ExtraCare's head office.
What is your role at ExtraCare?

V: I joined ExtraCare in the Summer of 2021 two and a half years ago!  (Time flies!!) I am one of two Field Training Officers for ExtraCare, I am privileged to train all our staff including Care & Support Workers, Administrative Support Staff across all 20 locations and Head Office Employees.  I mainly facilitate First Aid, Safeguarding, Moving and Handling and Fire training sessions. I also design training material and am involved in management of our Learning Management System and reporting. Everyday is different in my job, I thoroughly enjoy visiting all the locations empowering all our staff and of course meeting our residents, I find listening to the resident’s stories fascinating!

E: I visited for my work experience in 2023.


How was it having Evie carry out work experience here?

V: It was really strange her coming to work with me, she had to do as she was told for once! She made me a coffee which is a very unusual occurrence! Evie didn’t really spend a lot of time with me as I wanted her to have the full experience rather than just come to work with mum so, she visited different teams across different functions.   Evie was particularly excited about meeting my team at Head Office as I talk about them lots (all good things!!). She thoroughly enjoyed her work experience week; everyone both at Head Office and Solihull Village were so welcoming.

E: I really enjoyed going to ExtraCare Head Office and Solihull Village, it helped me think about what I’d like to do when I leave school and the kind of career I may consider. I visited Head Office for two days and met with different teams, I joined Michael Spellman for a Teams session on Dementia, Mental Health and Wellbeing, I am 15 and taking GCSE Psychology so found that so interesting.  I visited the Marketing team where we had a meeting about up and coming events, I love social media so that was brilliant to learn how they use different channels.  I had a presentation from HR and even shadowed a telephone screening with the Recruitment Team.  At Solihull Village I served on the Bistro, helped with a carol concert, attended a Christmas party and watched a bit of my mum’s training session, I enjoyed meeting the residents and staff at Solihull they were so nice!

I got to see what mum gets up to when she’s at work and meeting some of the people I’ve seen on her Teams calls to! I learnt lots about what ExtraCare do. I didn’t spend much time with my mum when doing work experience but did see her teach some fire training she is a good trainer. 


What are your biggest passions?

E: My mum would say sleep, make up and tik tok (rolls eyes!!) I love Psychology and Art at school.  I am very social so would like to work with people!


What is your favourite thing about each other?

V: I think you’re trying to make me cry!  Both of my children are the thing I am most proud of in my life, they are amazing! Evie surprises me and makes me proud every day, she’s growing into a determined, independent, caring, beautiful young lady who has an infectious personality. She’s loyal, friendly, caring and throws herself into everything life offers.  

E: My mum is really good at knowing what mood I’m in, she literally knows if I feel upset or sad without me saying a word, she always knows what to do to cheer me up.  My favourite thing to do with my mum is go on a shopping trip or watch chick flicks together! 


What’s one of the best memories you have of spending time with your mum?

E: Probably when we went to Disney World in Florida, she cried when she saw the Princess Castle she was more excited than us.

V:  Wow there are so so many!  Evie was born on a very special day, Christmas Day! Giving birth on Christmas Day was crazy but the ultimate present.  Evie is like the Queen, she celebrates her birthday on the 25th December but also has an ‘unofficial birthday’.