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The ExtraCare model earns ministerial acclaim as representatives share perspectives at ARCO conference

ExtraCare shines at ARCO’s What Next 2023 Conference with Minister Rachel Maclean’s endorsement.


ExtraCare took to the stage this week as the charity proudly showcased its unique model at ARCO’s What Next 2023 conference on 5th and 6th July. The event which brought together distinguished industry experts, shared invaluable insights and experiences over several panels. Notably, Minister Rachel Maclean lauded ExtraCare’s ground-breaking IRC (integrated retirement community) model, emphasizing its numerous benefits and impact both in wider society and on the health and social care sector.

ExtraCare’s Michael Spellman, Wellbeing Research & Innovation Lead Manager, Laura Davies, Head of Quality, Compliance and Performance and Nick Hickman, Senior Marketing Manager shared with attendees their knowledge and expertise from their fields, offering invaluable insights that may help to shape the sector landscape.

Laura attended the knowledge exchange day and delivered a sector specific workshop offering her own guidance and expertise.

Michael discussed the quality of health and social care and how its delivery is one of society’s most pressing current problems. Joined by residents including ExtraCare’s Janet Vaughan the panel discussed how IRCs can be part of the solution to the delivery of health and social care. Janet discussed the value of informal voluntary work within IRCs and how they help build a vital community. Drawing on her own work Janet shared her experience of supporting fellow residents through loss and bereavement.

Nick shared his own marketing insights on how IRCs can deliver their full potential and accelerate sales and occupancy with effective customer engagement

He commented: “I was delighted to be part of the panel. The IRC sector offers such a positive option for a happier, healthier later life. It’s exciting to be part of a collaborative group that will help to raise awareness to the wider UK society.”

Rachel Maclean Minister of State for Housing and Planning, gave a ministerial address to the audience referencing ExtraCare’s Shenley Wood Village. As an ageing population she acknowledged this resulted in rising demand and pressure on public services, particularly in health and social care.  

Reflecting on good examples of retirement housing currently in place Rachel referenced ExtraCare’s Shenley Wood who welcomed the Government’s Older People’s Housing Task Force recently. She commented:

“A great example is the ExtraCare Charitable Trust’s Shenley Wood retirement village, where 300 homes are available for purchase, shared ownership and rent.

Its fantastic array of facilities, clubs, and social opportunities support independent living while allowing individuals to pick up old pastimes and try new hobbies surrounded by neighbours-turned friends. 

I want more people to be able to find homes like those found at Shenley Wood retirement village in Milton Keynes that meet their needs and are affordable in later life.”

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