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Milton Keynes retirement village joins BBC’s social care conversation

A Milton Keynes retirement village welcomed BBC Radio 4 last week to discuss ways of combatting the UK’s social care crisis.

The You and Yours special programme which aired on Wednesday January 18th spoke with carers and industry experts all discussing the solutions and funding options essential towards easing the crisis. Reporter Carolyn Atkinson broadcast live from ExtraCare’s Shenley Wood Retirement Village.

Joining the conversation was Helen Whately, the Care Minister, covering what the Government plans to do to fix the problems with social care. On location David Tunney, resident at Shenley Wood Retirement Village offered his voice on the subject. Discussing one available solution to easing the crisis, integrated retirement villages, David shared the benefits of village life.

He said: “We have professional care staff here who look after people as and when they need care. ExtraCare commissioned research with Aston University looking at how people were living their lives here, this proved how tremendously well the model works, with significant savings for the NHS. One of the many benefits of living here is having everything provided under one roof. If I won the lottery tonight I would not move out it’s so good!”

Kathryn Smith, CEO of the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) pointed out the importance of different models of care. She commented: “I think most people have heard of a care home and nursing home, and they know they can stay at home, but if you look at other options, they’re less well known. Integrated retirement villages have strong communities within them with restaurants, shops and a range of facilities.”

The show offered advice on what to do if a person, or someone they love, is going without care and delved into the history of social care revisiting the beginning of the NHS and the start of the welfare state in 1948.

To listen visit the BBC Sounds app or BBC Radio 4’s website.

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