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Mick’s Marathon: Blog Post 3

Mick Laverty, ExtraCare’s CEO, is running the London Marathon next month (April 28th) in support of our charity’s vital care, well-being and dementia services. Here he tells us how the training is going with just one month to go.

Vital Stats
  • Days to marathon = 30
  • Longest run = 20.3 miles
  • Next target = continue at 20.3 miles then taper off
  • Donations so far = £32,762.50 (79% of £40k target)

It’s exactly one month until I run the London Marathon in support of our charity’s vital care, well-being and dementia services. Every penny I raise will go towards helping more older people enjoy a better, happier future.

Donations can be made direct via or by contacting our fundraising team at

With just one month to go, I’m feeling confident that I can complete the run without stopping and I’m hoping to do this under five hours. The longer runs these past few weeks have been good, and the transition from 14 miles up to 18 miles wasn’t as bad as I thought. Upping to 20 miles has been a lot harder. Going over the 20 mile threshold, and perhaps because the last mile is uphill, seems to put added strain on my knee and ankle joints, which are a lot sorer – although that could just be age!

My plan is to complete a couple more 20 plus mile runs and then taper back for the three weeks leading to the big race, with two gentler 10 miles runs. I’m pretty happy with my mileage progress so the focus now is to perfect my pace, which is challenging. Trying to run at the same pace throughout is hard, I can’t help but go faster at the start and slower towards the end. I couldn’t go any faster at the end if I tried!

A colleague of mine, Jane Ashcroft, CEO at Anchor Hanover Group recently told me that marathon running is 90% in the head – this is very true. It’s a psychological battle when your body is telling you to stop but you know you must carry on. I find myself in a dilemma after 15 miles, wondering if the aches and pains mean I should stop to ensure I’m fighting fit for the marathon or to keep pushing through – so far I’ve not given in.

ExtraCare CEO runs the London Marathon

Alongside the training I have been attending our charity roadshows, which are taking place across each of our village locations. It has been great to meet with residents and hear about all the amazing things they do to support our charity – they really are fantastic at fundraising. It has been even better to thank them personally and let them know that I’m also doing my bit.

I’ve also been telling my Dad, who has Alzheimer’s, that I’m running the marathon. His level of comprehension isn’t that good anymore – but you still see occasional flashes of his old self – “what the hell do you want to do that for” – was one of them! If you want to know more about why I’m doing this, go to