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Makin Strides: Hannah’s Marathon Effort

ExtraCare’s Digital Marketing Officer Hannah Makin will be running the London Marathon for ExtraCare this April. We caught up with Hannah to discuss her training and what donating to her run might mean for the lives of older people.

What made you want to run the marathon?

It’s always been on my bucket list!

I’ve been in the ballot a few times but obviously my name never got picked out of the hat, so I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

Hannah outside running

It’s such an honour to run for ExtraCare, it will be a very proud moment for sure.

Why do you think ExtraCare is a worthy charity to run for?

Running the London Marathon will directly help older people live better lives. Not just by helping to provide our care services, but by empowering our residents, to make life choices that benefit their own mental and physical wellbeing, which ultimately takes pressure off the NHS and social care systems.

What are your training plans?

I have an official 20-week training plan that’s made up of two shorter runs each week, one longer run which increases by a mile each week, and then a strength training session at the gym. I did do a half marathon in 2021, but I can’t lie my running shoes have been hung up ever since!

What is your favourite aspect of training?

Definitely the runner’s high after every training session, as well as the sense of achievement, knowing that I’ve done it and I’ve stuck to it.

What is your least favourite aspect of training?

The weather. It’s been so cold and wet recently.

Where will any donations go?

As we’re a charity, any surplus created is entirely reinvested back into the organisation to benefit our residents. However, there is a substantial shortfall year on year meaning we must fundraise to be able to continue to subsidise on services such as domiciliary care, our wellbeing service, dementia and end of life care, as well as research and innovation.

Any tips for other marathon trainees?

Good shoes and don’t push yourself too much too soon!

Any other future fitness related plans?

Ask me again in a few months time haha!


This year’s London Marathon will take place on Sunday 21st April.

If you would like to donate to support Hannah and ExtraCare please visit the Just Giving page to support.