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Keeping it royal: The Knitted Queen

A group of residents at ExtraCare’s Stoke Gifford Retirement Village in Bristol have spent nearly 200 hours creating a Knitted Queen in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The impressive, knitted replica will be the guest of honour at afternoon tea on Sunday 5th June as the 230 residents at the village come together to celebrate.

The Knit and Natter group of up to 12 residents at the ExtraCare village met weekly over three months. Supporting one another the residents created an inclusive environment for all to enjoy, especially those with a past love for knitting who were faced with challenges such as blindness, loss of dexterity or memory loss. The talented group that ranges in age from 63 to 93 years old created a welcoming environment that made knitting accessible for all to enjoy.

Knit and Natter group member Josie commented: “The group is very friendly and welcoming; we really enjoy sharing our creative projects. We talk about anything and everything and put the world to rights. As royalists we think the Queen has done a wonderful job, she has devoted her life to the nation.”

Stoke Gifford retirement village knitted queen
Stoke Gifford retirement village knitted queen
Stoke Gifford retirement village knitted queen

Activities Coordinator Natasheya commented: “This is an outstanding achievement by a fantastic group brought together with love and passion in celebration of without doubt ‘the most outstanding achievement award’ ever given to an employee with 70 years’ service in the same job. We can’t wait to showcase the Knitted Queen at our afternoon tea this Platinum Jubilee!”

The Knitted Queen will begin her reign outside the library at Stoke Gifford Village!