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ExtraCare discusses the Building a Safer Future Charter (BSF)

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust are pleased to become a Registered Signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter. ExtraCare recognises that becoming a Registered Signatory is an important first step towards achieving the culture and behavioural change required in relation to the Charter’s objectives around building safety. ExtraCare will now be working to ensure we embed the principles of the Charter into our organisation’s activities.


Health & Safety Manager Carly Musson tells us what it means for the charity and our residents.


What does having the BSF signature mean to ExtraCare?
The BSF signature will assist us in the preparation of the Building Safety Act, which received Royal Assent on 28/04/2022. The Building a Safer Future Charter has been created to promote an urgent and positive culture and behaviour change in the safety of the built environment. It is about putting people’s safety first in how we plan for, design, build, maintain, and look after the safety of the buildings we live, work, or play in and protect those that use them. As a Registered Signatory the charity name and logo is entered on the ‘Register of Building a Safer Future Charter Signatories’ on their website, we will have access to use resources and provide content for the Learning and Excellence Hub and receive regular Charter Signatory newsletters containing the latest information and updates.


Why is it important we are a signatory and how will we be hoping to embed the principles into our activities?
We will embed the principles into the way we design and maintain our buildings, embedding a safe and positive culture of building safety.


How did this come about and over what duration?
The BSF charter is recommended by the Government and is recognised industry-wide. It has been developed following the Grenfell tragedy and subsequent Hackitt review.


Was this something we have planned for and worked towards?
I put this forward to our leadership team in December 2021 and with agreement proceeded with the application, this came into effect in April 2022. It was also an action for our H&S annual report 2021/22.


What does this mean for residents, why is this a good thing?
It demonstrates our commitment to create and promote a safe environment for our residents.