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Do retirement villages allow pets?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “do retirement villages allow pets?” and in short, the answer is of course!

We know as animal lovers ourselves, how important pets are to our residents, and the smile they put on our staff’s faces make it even better.

Here are some of our furry (and feathery!) residents:


Belle’s owner Clare says “She’s a 5 years old Puggle. (Pug X Beagle) I sadly lost my dog Tommy shortly after moving here, so I had Belle from 8 weeks old. She was the smallest and weakest of the litter, and although she was clearly unwell, I couldn’t leave her with the breeder – I didn’t fancy her chances.

So all she’s ever known is living here. She’s probably one of the most popular residents, and was socialised within an inch of her life! Before she was fully vaccinated I had her on my knee on my scooter getting her used to busses, lorry’s and sirens. She’s my perfect dog, completely ‘bomb proof,’ she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, and loves the attention she receives living here! In the future we are hoping to become a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog, we are waiting to be assessed. We regularly compete in online photographic dog shows, and she’s won over 300 rosettes!”


“My name’s Daisy and I live at an ExtraCare Retirement Village with my people, Soft Voice and Big. Soft Voice feeds me and gives me treats and Big doesn’t walk but rides in a chair with wheels on. We go out after morning biscuits, after middle day food and late in the day, when it’s getting dark. Soft Voice takes me out too and she walks very slowly so I have lots of time to check the new smells. I’m ten years old now and enjoy being inside in the warm and I sleep a lot. My people really look after me, I get groomed and trimmed regularly and I’m friends with other dogs that live here. All the other people think I’m lovely and always fuss me.”


Emmy’s owners Anne & Bob say “This is Emmy our French rescue dog. We adopted her in 2011 while living in France. She travelled extensively with us in Europe. We moved into an ExtraCare Retirement Village last March and Emmy has settled very happily into our new life.”


Lisa and her dog Holly have lived at an ExtraCare Village for 6 years, and they love village life together. Holly is now 10 years old, she is blind and diabetic but knows her way around the village. She goes every day to the shop for her treat from Gary and residents love her. She always has a wagging tail for them.

Josh and Millie

Their owner Maggie says “Josh and Millie moved with me to an ExtraCare Village during the first lock down. My beautiful boy Josh is nearly 14 and was to have been my husband’s gun dog, but my husband died when Josh was 6 months old so he has been my wonderful companion ever since! He loves living in the village, after some initial reticence about the lift! Millie is a Cocker Spaniel and is nearly 11. She is a rescue, I got her when she was 3. She is a very sweet natured little girl and also loves it here! She particularly likes lying in the sun on the balcony! They are spoiled rotten by the staff (and residents!) in here and are very happy.”


Owners Shelagh and Les say “We got Prince at 7 weeks old and from the beginning he sang like a seagull in the car. He still hates long journeys now at 7 years! He loves carrots, water to swim in and other dogs to play with. He was 18 months old when we moved into the Village and absolutely took to having lots of people around to be friendly with. Most people greet Prince more than us! He hates noise of any sort. Fireworks are the worst, he won’t leave the apartment.”


Owner Joan says “I rescued Rosa from Oxford Animal Sanctuary in Stadhampton Oxfordshire in July this year. She was nearly seven when I brought her into the village and so many people, including me, have fallen in love with her. Tracy on reception fell in love with her on the day I brought her home! I understand Rosa had a bit of an unhappy couple of years before going into the care of the sanctuary. She’s been here 5 months now and has settled in really well as the photos show! She’s enjoying her 5* All Inclusive hotel too!!”


This is Sue and Liam with their dog Joey. He is 7.5 years and loves living at the village. He’s a regular visitor to the main communal areas and he’s loved very much.


Owner Cheryl says “Max loves to jump into a suitcase as soon as I get one out – almost as if to say “can I come?” Also, he loves to sit in a specific flower pot and I cannot put any flowers in it as it his ‘his’.”


Owner Carole says “She loves everybody and thinks everybody loves her. She’s manic about her ball. She wants everybody to be her friend and loves a fuss. She thinks everybody has moved in just to be with her.”


Breda has lived at an ExtraCare Village for 7 years, and she got Nelly during Covid last year. Nelly has brought lots of enjoyment to residents especially as Covid was really hard for some. Nelly had a way of making residents smile and certainly made Breda sparkle.

Phoebe and Rosie

Phoebe is the black cat and Rosie is the tabby and white. They are 3.5 year old sisters living at an ExtraCare Village with their owner Pat. Pat says “They don’t see much of the village as they are housecats, but they are happy and healthy.”


Lizzie has lived at an ExtraCare Village for around 3 years. She was very shy when she first came, but she loves being here now. As Francis her owner was talking, Gary from the shop walked past and Lizzie sat (as seen in the photo) Gary spoils our dogs and gives them treats. So when they hear his voice they think treat! Francis is also very happy here.

Pip and Rupert

Their owner Sue says “Rupert the white budgie is 2.5 years old and is from a reputable breeder in Hull via Facebook. He was 10 weeks old when he arrived and is a very gentle, loving boy. Pip the green budgie is 10 months old and from a reputable breeder in Wiltshire, via Facebook. He was a few months old when he arrived and is the opposite of Rupert…larger, bossy and noisy! They’re both tame and spend all day free flying around but are tucked up safely in their cage at bedtime.”


This is John and Siam who moved into an ExtraCare Village a few months ago. Siam has just had an operation but is recovering well. She is 1 years old, she’s John’s baby. “She is a joy” he says.


Toby is 2 years and 6 months and has live at an ExtraCare Village since he was 12 weeks old. He first lived with Eileen who is Gracey’s best friend, but she became ill so he moved in with Gracey.