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Coventry Volunteering Opportunities: Lesley discusses volunteering at Earlsdon Park

Meet Lesley, Lesley is a volunteer at Earlsdon Park Village, here she tells us about why she chose to give up her time to help others.

“My name is Lesley Criminisi. I am 56 and I live in Coventry. I volunteer at the Earlsdon Park Village.

I don’t live at the village but I have been volunteering at ExtraCare’s Earlsdon Park Village for just over a year. A friend of my daughter’s told me that there were a lot of older people living in the village who were feeling isolated because of the pandemic. She was already volunteering there and I just thought it was a really great idea. I had been thinking about volunteering for a while but her nudge gave me the impetus to contact the village.

At the beginning of my volunteering role I was just thinking of helping other people. However, as time went on it has become a very positive part of my life. I enjoy sharing time with an older woman who I can have a laugh with and who shares her memories, experiences and knowledge with me. I am very lucky to have met her.

When I first started talking to Doreen it was during the pandemic and we talked on the phone, once a week usually for about 45 minutes to an hour. We spoke every Tuesday afternoon. When the restrictions were eased we met for a cuppa every Tuesday afternoon in the village

Volunteering is a very positive experience. I really recommend it. I think you have to be committed to make it work successfully. You have to give it time and be prepared to give that time weekly. Volunteering at the village has been a lovely experience for me.”

If you would like to get involved and volunteer at one of our ExtraCare locations, email!