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Bristol Retirement Village Launches Eco Corner to Combat Waste

A retirement village in Bristol has launched an Eco Corner safe space to dispose of items and reduce waste.

In an effort to address the growing concern of waste disposal, ExtraCare’s Stoke Gifford Village, an integrated retirement community in Bristol, has introduced the Eco Corner a designated space aimed at responsibly disposing of items and minimizing environmental impact. The initiative, spearheaded by Wellbeing Advisor Sarah Drayton, engages residents in collaborative efforts to curtail waste.

Sarah shares her motivation behind the project, stating, “Inspired by the ‘Show me your meds’ project led by Complex Care GP Deb Gompertz, I looked at ways we could successfully integrate something in our village environment and explored avenues for meaningful contributions.

Hoping for the involvement of our environmentally conscious residents, I researched organisations and initiatives which could help us recycle paving the way for the Eco Corner.”

Sarah Drayton with Deb stood in the eco corner.

The Eco Corner serves as a collection point for residents, staff, and visitors to deposit items that would typically end up in general waste. Residents have enthusiastically embraced this opportunity to contribute, depositing used stamps, spectacles, and bras—items directed towards supporting charitable causes such as RNIB, Lions International, and Against Breast Cancer.


The waste reduction initiative now includes the correct disposal of vapes, batteries, spectacles, stamps, bras, and expired or surplus medications. Next on the agenda they hope to add printer cartridges. Recognizing the environmental impact of incorrect disposal, the project not only promotes ecological sustainability but also enhances safety for the residents.


With the introduction of the Eco Corner, medications are now securely deposited in a designated bin, collected daily by a pharmacist. This has led to the establishment of a valuable connection with the pharmacist who conducts informative sessions with residents during ‘Ask my pharmacist’ sessions.


Anticipating the residents’ active involvement, Sarah expresses gratitude for the support received from key collaborators, including Charlotte from Greener NHS, Deb, the complex care GP, and Mo the local pharmacist. It is hoped that residents may help take ownership of the project and Sarah has already had volunteer husband and wife team Gordon and Beryl Cole step up to assist from a resident side.

Gordon comments: “We have been passionate about recycling for many years and we have always encouraged others to do the same. This opportunity came about because we wanted to get involved in volunteering and we are interested in environmental efforts. At the Eco Corner we sort out some of the items, keep an eye on the area and keep it tidy.”

Sarah adds: “I look forward to sharing details with any other villages wishing to make this positive environmental impact. If we worked together this could be huge.”