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Are you claiming the welfare benefits you are entitled to in your retirement?

Christine, whose parents live at an ExtraCare village, found the assistance invaluable: “Without ExtraCare’s help, we would have had no idea what my parents were entitled to. They helped them work out what they could claim for – it really took some of the financial worries away for them and as a family, offered us peace of mind.”

Recent examples of resident assistance:
Resident A accessed the benefit service after a brief stay in hospital. The Welfare Benefit Advisors assisted in claiming Attendance Allowance and resident A was awarded the higher rate of Attendance Allowance and increased Pension Credits.

There was an increase in income of £156.90 per month.

Residents B had never claimed benefits but just wanted to check what they may be entitled to. After a brief discussion they both were assisted in claiming Attendance Allowance.

There was an increase in income of £149.60 per month.

With residents C (a couple), our Wellbeing Advisor referred them for a benefits assessment – Mr C was claiming the lower rate Attendance Allowance and Mrs C wasn’t claiming at all. The Benefits Advisor assisted Mr C, reviewed his Attendance Allowance to the higher rate and also claimed the higher rate Attendance Allowance for Mrs C.

This resulted in an increase in income of £119.20 per month.

If you would like more information or would like to see how we can support you, contact reception at your ExtraCare location and ask for an appointment with our dedicated Welfare Benefits team!