Coronavirus (Covid-19) response

In response to concerns about the transmission of Covid-19 in our retirement communities, many of our non-essential activities and facilities are not currently running, and we are restricting outside visitors. More information is available here.

The activities listed below are examples of what is on offer in our communities at other times.

At ExtraCare, we believe that the provision of life-changing activities and an exciting range of health and leisure facilities enables our residents to carry on enjoying healthy and independent lifestyles - a fresh alternative to life in a traditional care home.

Whether our residents want to learn new skills, challenge themselves to the limits, or simply relax in the company of friends, the ExtraCare lifestyle provides a wide range of sociable opportunities and activities.

On-site Activities

We offer on-site activities such as:


Join our events

In addition to dozens of opportunities in villages and schemes each week, ExtraCare also arranges large scale events where all of the locations meet for a spectacular day of activities and entertainment. Residents, friends, relatives and guests are all welcome.

This is a great opportunity for residents and friends to meet new people, be entertained or learn a new skill.

ExtraCare try and cater for as many different people as possible by varying the events each year. 

Residents have the chance to meet up with our other locations for several special occasions each year, including a Christmas event, craft competitions and talent showcases.


For those wanting to pursue even more active lifestyles, ExtraCare aims to support and encourage residents to get even more out of life with a selection of amazing activities for the more adventurous. From looping the loop in a glider, walking with wolves, performing on stage at Birmingham's Symphony Hall or wheelchair abseiling, there really is something for everyone!

Want to get involved?

If this sounds like the kind of lifestyle you'd enjoy as a resident or volunteer, why not contact us to find out more?

T:  02476 506011.