Pauline Scott - Shop Manager

Pauline Scott

Pauline Scott is the Manager of ExtraCare's Charity Shop in Worksop. She's worked there for more than eight years. Here, she tells us more about her job…

When I first arrived, morale was low, but through hard work, support from other managers and getting to know the volunteers, we've created a great atmosphere! 

It's resulted in more donations, helping us to achieve sales targets, therefore being able to raise more profits for the Charity. My workload has eased now, because we've established a knowledgeable team in the shop, with volunteers who enjoy what they do.

Along with the support of my deputy, Julian, the shop runs smoothly and efficiently. Every morning we go through targets and our volunteers share ideas. They each have departments to look after, and they know what to do. I particularly like to get involved with displays and enjoy meeting our customers, many of whom are regulars. We're a good team and we're always laughing! It's a pleasure to go to work.

The morale in the shop is so good now, and we come up with plenty of things to keep it that way!

At the moment, we have got a Feel Good Factor - a board where staff and volunteers write something that makes them feel good.

We've had all sorts of things written on there: one lady wrote that she had a new grandson, one of our younger volunteers wrote that we all have a good laugh here in the shop, and so on.

When we moved to a new till system some of the staff were worried about putting credit card payments through, so as soon as one of our volunteers had done a credit card payment she wrote that up.

It gives us a bit of a boost to see what's on there and it's lovely! I cover in other shops too. It's good to see how they work and get ideas. I also go to the Woodhouse shop to do their electrical testing and have built up good relationships with staff there. I enjoy seeing other shop managers at meetings because we support each other and we know that if we have a problem we can go to each other.

I'm passionate about ExtraCare, and I really want to promote it. When I had my interview, I went to Brunswick Gardens and fell in love with it! We held a fashion show there last winter. I wanted to do it because lots of the public didn't understand the connection between ExtraCare's Shops and Villages. Since then, we've had customers coming in and saying they've been back to Brunswick Gardens for the day or simply for coffee! I think shops should get involved with villages and schemes. You need to push yourself outside the shop: if you get involved more, you'll get a lot more from ExtraCare and see what you're doing it all for!