Well-Being Advisor

Title: Well-Being Advisor (Registered Nurse Adult)

Location: Schemes/Villages

Responsible to: Scheme/Village Manager

Responsible for: Promoting the health & well-being of residents

This is a summary of the job role

Overall aim of the Job:

• To promote the health and well-being of older people living within the Scheme/Village

• This is an exciting and challenging role that  will allow you to support ExtraCare in creating a new concept in the provision of well-being services for older people. It will, without doubt, continue to produce some outstanding facts about the older generation and their health

• The key role will be to offer numerous screening and health promotion sessions, also to develop self-help groups, introducing both traditional and complimentary therapies

• This role will also link into fitness/exercise programmes and the restaurant to promote informed choices about exercise and diet

Key Responsibilities:

Assessment Process

• To carry out wellbeing assessments as set out in the ExtraCare Well-being Assessment Pack. This assessment incorporates the key areas from the Government's public health documents, including an initiative in prevention of falls

• Well-being Assessments should be carried out on new residents before they move into the scheme/village. This can be done by inviting the resident to the scheme or village to undergo the assessment

• To carry out follow-up sessions to determine the outcome of advice or intervention and to check if any GP referral made has been actioned

• To carry out an osteoporosis screening on every resident and this paperwork should be placed with the wellbeing assessment. Any resident who is scoring above average should be referred to GP for diagnosis/treatment.

At follow-up assessment a record should be made of the outcome of the referral i.e.: medication, exercise prescribed, etc.

• All assessment, interaction, and advice sessions must be documented in the wellbeing section in the new book of life and the daily support programme. All recommendations and advice to the resident should be recorded on an action sheet and signed by the wellbeing advisor and the resident and a copy given to the resident

• A radar graph should be completed by the wellbeing advisor after the initial assessment and again at follow up assessments and reviews

• The wellbeing advisor should ensure that any issues identified during assessment are referred to the external multi disciplinary teams and this should be recorded

• The scheme management team should be informed on the day of the assessment of any outcome which may require follow up action from the support team

• In the event of further advice being required then contact must be arranged with the residents GP and the fact that they have been advised to see their GP must be recorded in the notes.

Health Promotion and Prevention

• To provide information and awareness sessions about key health issues such as osteoporosis, breast awareness, heart disease and promote self help groups, and liaise with voluntary groups and local self-help groups

• To offer at least one drop in session once per week, where residents can call and discuss concerns and seek advice regarding their health

• To promote and organise the setting up of sessions offering complimentary therapies which provides residents a choice of treatment. These may include yoga, aromatherapy, reflexology, relaxation etc.

• To liaise and work in conjunction with key members of staff:

o  Head  Chef  to promote  healthy,  heart  smart  menus  and  general  healthy eating programmes

o  Fitness Instructor to promote fitness on prescription to over 55's with local hospitals and GPs

o  Support staff so they are able to encourage and follow up any advice for those residents receiving support

• To set up a wellbeing focus group to meet on a monthly basis

This meeting should consist of:

o  Scheme/Village Manager

o  Activity Co-ordinator

o  Fitness Instructor

o  Head Chef

o  Wellbeing Ambassadors and the Health and Safety Champion

• The Groups aim will be to co-ordinate the next month's programme

• To produce reports, records and statistics for the end of month report which can assist and aid the evaluation of the role and its impact on the community

• To ensure all service users have a needs and risk assessment, a housing related support plan and that regular reviews take place. To work with outside agencies and other professional bodies in the course of housing related support planning and residents achieving positive outcomes

• To maintain self awareness of Government and Public Health, key yearly health targets and maintains clinical skills and awareness in conjunction with the role

• To maintain records which can assist and aid the evaluation of the role and its impact on the community

• Maintain records as required in the Quality Assessment Framework. To familiarise themselves with the Quality Assessment Framework document

• To ensure comprehensive records of housing related support hours provided are kept and these are used to invoice the local authority in line with contractual requirements

• To produce a paper at the end of a 12 month period which is able to clearly demonstrate key areas of promotion

• To always work within the processional NMC guidelines for practice and behaviour

• To carry out any other duties deemed necessary by your Manager

• You will be required to travel to participate in well being team meetings and support ExtraCare's traditions, events and activities

This may result in a requirement to work additional hours to your current agreed contract.

This post is subject to satisfactory medical clearance, DBS disclosure, two written satisfactory references and Home Office right to work clearance.