Title: Locksmith®

Location: Various Locations

Responsible to: Scheme / Village Manager or Head of Support

This is a summary of the job role

Overall Aim of the job:

The Locksmith® is named to describe a role that finds the key, unlocks people's potential and unpicks issues in their present experience of life. As a Locksmith® you will be an essential member of the Scheme / Villages Management Team with specific responsibilities relating to the psychological, spiritual, social and recreational well-being of the individuals who experience dementia  or  other  mental  health  issues,  who  are  vulnerable  to the  risk  of exclusion and isolation within the scheme / village.

Key Responsibilities:

•  Receive referrals from the scheme / village regarding people who have been identified as   experiencing   impairments   that   disable   them   from   living independent, integrated and fulfilling lives and in the community

•  Meet and develop a professional relationship to assess the needs and benefits of receiving Enriched Opportunities Programme® full individual assessment / profiling

•  If EOP® individual assessment / profiling is not considered to be appropriate ensure communication and where identified referral to appropriate services

•  Effectively  communicate  information,  occupation  and  intervention  through written and verbal and behavioural means

• Maintain effective records to illustrate the persons journey through the EOP®, develop detailed person centred support plans • Undertake thorough and complete risk assessment to minimise the risk to people enjoying independent and fulfilling lives despite their impairments

•  Develop implement and maintain a range of activities for both individuals and groups

• Attend meetings both internal and external to receive and impart professional information as appropriate Training

•   To develop a training programme, with central training team support, for staff and volunteers

• To attend EOP® training and development sessions and workshops • To attend all statutory training and update as per ExtraCare's policy

•  To undertake / lead practical and theoretical training regarding the EOP® and enriched activities for all staff and volunteers within scheme / village

• Maintain records in an accurate and professional manner

• To undertake quality quests / bench marking, internally and externally

•  This job description is not exhaustive and may continue to develop along with the role of Locksmith® and needs of the service.

Any other duties as allocated.

This post is subject to a satisfactory medical clearance, DBS disclosure, two written references and Home Office right to work clearance.