Hospitality Assistant

Title: Hospitality Assistant - Waiter Service

Location: Schemes / Villages

Responsible to: Head Chef / Chef

This job description is a summary of the duties

Overall Aim of the Job:

• To contribute to the support offered to our Residents by maintaining high standards in our Restaurant to give a quality dining experience

• To show a caring attitude to our residents as is central to the way of working at ExtraCare

• To work and build a good relationship with the Catering Team in the Scheme / Village

Key Responsibilities:

• Tables are set smartly and neatly, enabling silver service waiting standards

• Table linen is crease free, clean and in good condition

• All tables are laid correctly; crockery and cutlery are in good condition and clean.

• All glasses are smear free and in good condition

• Appropriate background music is playing prior to the opening of the restaurant doors

• To keep the restaurant clean i.e. vacuuming and dusting on a daily basis


• To familiarise yourself with the menu choices, ingredients and how the meals are prepared to offer an informative and responsive service to customers

• To provide a prompt and professional service at the table at all times

• To ensure that you are polite and considerate and explain any delays to their order

• Report any comments or complaints promptly to the Head Chef

• Record all complaints and make sure that they are acted upon

Other Duties:

• To undertake any other duties which may be required from time to time

This post is subject to a satisfactory medical clearance, DBS disclosure, two written satisfactory references and Home Office Right to work clearance.