Fitness Instructor

Title: Fitness Instructor

Location: All Schemes / Villages

Responsible to: Scheme / Village Manager

This is a summary of the job role

Overall aim of the job:

To ensure at all times a high standard of cleanliness, maintenance and safety. To encourage a friendly and professional atmosphere and ensure that all users are properly guided and supervised at all times.

Key Responsibilities:

•   To carry out opening procedures with specific emphasis on checking them maintenance and safety of all equipment

• To  carry  out  closing  procedures  with  specific  emphasis  on  checking  all security aspects

•   To be fully aware of the spa, gymnasium and steam room procedures and to ensure that these are adhered to at all times

• To ensure that every user is properly trained in the use of all equipment

• To ensure that members of staff or people assisting are available at all times to guide, supervise and update members and their programmes, thus providing the highest level of customer care at all times

• To be involved in running courses and to undertake training to meet the demands of the client group

• To ensure that any problems, breakdowns etc. are reported to Management and promptly rectified in order that our levels of customer care may remain high

• To remove any faulty or broken equipment from use immediately

•  To be responsible for the supervision and safety of all users in accordance with ExtraCare's procedures and Health & Safety regulations

• To be responsible for the cleanliness of the facilities at all times in accordance with organisational procedures and Health and Safety regulations

• To make regular checks on the stock of towels, soap, toilet paper etc. and to ensure adequate stock is available at all times

• To be responsible for the smooth operation of the facilities whilst on duty, carrying

• Carry out regular tests on the spa and to take immediate action should the results of these tests pose any danger to  users. To check all areas of the facilities on an ongoing basis throughout the day

• To ensure that the facility is opened and closed at the published times and is run to prescribed standards

• To be aware of, and be familiar with,  all Health & Safety procedures as documented

• To be able to sell memberships to potential members

• To be constantly aware of opportunities to promote the facility through all sales outlets and also in the local community

• To wear name badge and any appropriate uniform at all times

• To  be  involved  in  all  social  activities  and  promotions  with  other  team members and to assist in the organization and efficient running of events

• To liaise daily with the Wellbeing Advisor, working in conjunction to promote Health & Fitness throughout the Scheme / Village

•  To carry out any other duties as requested by the Village / Scheme Manager or Team Leaders

This post is subject to satisfactory medical clearance, DBS checks and two written references.