Care Supervisor

Title: Care Supervisor

Location: Retirement Villages (new from 2012)

Responsible to: Care Manager

This is a summary of the job role

Overall Aim of the Job:

Responsible for the efficient running of a high quality care service provided to Residents within the Village or other service users within the local community on a day to day basis, and the effective supervision of the Personal Support Assistants (PSAs) providing the service.

Main Duties

• Implementation of basic care monitoring, service user feedback, medication audits and care plan audits to ensure a high quality service is being delivered at all times and to CQC's quality assurance compliance framework

• To organise an induction for residents in the village, and for external service users, organise an introduction to the facilities

• To work closely with outside agencies and other professional bodies in the course of meeting service users' needs

• To ensure a swift response to any emergency call made by any Resident in the Village

• To liaise closely with the Care Co ordinator to match up the service user's needs with the PSAs who will be delivering the service

• Ensure that all changes in care needs are reported without delay to the Care Manager and Care Co ordinator so that the visit schedules can be amended accordingly in a timely manner and changes in care provision can be renegotiated with social services

• In the absence of the Care Co ordinator cover the rota to take account of all absences including sickness, holidays, training and TOIL

• In the event that there are unassigned calls, ensure that these are allocated to other staff or take them on personally for that shift

• Deliver care to new residents and service users prior to the approval of recruitment of new PSAs as the budget allows

• Deliver the service at  the first call for a new service user and /or new member of staff, to make sure that they are introduced to one another and that they are fully aware of the service to be provided

• Assist the Care Manager in the recruitment of new staff in line with ExtraCare policy and procedure

• Responsible for the induction, fulfilment of initial and ongoing statutory and mandatory training and development of the PSAs in their team

• Responsible for the day to day supervision and regular monitoring of PSAs, ensuring that they are competent to deliver a quality service which is on time and accurately meets the requirements of care plan.

• Train their own team in Moving and Handling, Health and Safety awareness, Continence/catheter and stoma care, and Medication

• Conduct annual Development and Interim Reviews for their team, ensuring that the outcome is a time-bound plan to address any competency and personal development needs.  Ensure that achievement of this plan is facilitated and monitored

• To undertake at least two sleeping-in or on-call duties weekly and to cover for other Care Supervisors who are on holiday or absent

• Carry out investigations (re potential disciplinary issues, grievances or complaints)

• Conduct first line counselling and involvement with disciplinary hearings as appropriate

• Deal promptly and appropriately with any complaint raised with them according to ExtraCare policy and procedure

• Make the Care Manager, or in their absence the Village Manager, aware immediately of any safeguarding concerns which may need to reporting in line with ExtraCare policy and procedure and Local Authority process

• In the event of the Village Manager and Care Manager being absent, be familiar with the CQC regulations and inspection process, to be able to facilitate an unannounced inspection

• Responsible for all elements of Health and Safety in relation to the care service whilst on duty

• Must be IT competent to work within electronic systems for care delivery, monitoring and recording

• All staff are required to work Christmas, New Year and Bank holidays as allocated

• Any other tasks, duties or responsibilities that may be required from time to time, and necessary for the effective running of the service

This post is subject to receipt of two satisfactory written references, medical screening and DBS disclosure and Home Office right to work clearance