Emily Haddon - Care Team

Emily is a member of the Care Team at Berryhill Village.

Emily with residents Dorothy Burton and Flo Quick.

She started visiting Berryhill Village as part of her Health and Social Care course at college. She originally helped the Activities Team, moved to shadowing the support staff, and now works as a member of the Care Team.

She explains:

“I had to do 100 hours of voluntary work. I enjoyed it that much that I asked if I could get a job – there weren’t any, but they let me do some volunteering on the care side. I always worked with someone, but I was getting a feel for it.

“Then in July I asked again if there were any jobs going, and they put me on the relief staff. And now I’m on the permanent staff team!

“I still love it – it’s like a second home! I love doing care. You get to spend time with so many residents and hear their life stories.

“I’ve always enjoyed it. When I was doing my volunteer hours, I spent every day of the half-term holiday there. I thought why should I just sit at home when I could be there?

“If you’d told me before that I’d be working here now, I wouldn’t have believed it. I wanted to get into nursing, but never would have thought I’d be where I am now!”

Picture: Emily with residents Dorothy Burton and Flo Quick.