Video calls - staying connected

We know that staying apart from friends and family is difficult. Now that restrictions have lifted slightly, many people are enjoying some extra social contact, but that isn’t always possible – some of your friends or family might live too far away, or you might be shielding and need to remain at home.

In our ExtraCare retirement communities, we are still restricting visitors to reduce the risk of infection.

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But staying physically apart doesn’t mean that you can’t keep in touch. If you have access to the internet on your phone, computer or tablet, there are lots of ways to carry on seeing your loved ones. Video calling is a great solution, particularly if you’re trying to talk to multiple households or small children who might not enjoy phone calls.

We’ve put together some guides for some of the most popular solutions, with information on how to find, install and use them successfully. These guides are for mobile devices (phones and tablets), but you can also use all of these applications on a desktop computer or laptop as well.

Before you start, here are some things to consider:


Zoom is available on phones, tablets and computers. It’s free and you can have up to 100 people in every chat! You don’t need to install anything on your computer for Zoom to work, as you can access it through your web browser.

PDF download - setting up Zoom on iPhone or iPad

PDF download - setting up Zoom on an Android