At The ExtraCare Charitable Trust we’re creating better lives for older people. With our integrated approach to housing, care and support we’re pioneering new ways of helping people live well in later life.

Independent research has always helped us to innovate. This latest research, from Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA) at Aston University, tests the  impact of our unique model of support, on both the quality of life and cost of health and social care for older people.

ExtraCare provides better lives, better health and a better future 

Research purpose

Retirement communities are an important arena to promote healthy ageing, and the development of these communities may help to promote independence by sustaining both physical and mental well-being. Little is known about how such innovative housing models, with integrated health and social care, impact on outcomes for older people and the overall costs of care and support.

This three-year longitudinal study sought to compare changes over time in care needs and care costs for new residents of The ExtraCare Charitable Trust with a control sample living in the community.

It also sought to examine the effects of the integrated approach deployed by The ExtraCare Charitable Trust on health and well-being, cognition, social functioning and independence over time.

Research methodology

In a three-year longitudinal study, 162 new ExtraCare Charitable Trust residents were compared against 33 control participants.

Quantitative measures of health, well-being, cognitive ability and mobility were taken at entry, three, twelve and eighteen months and health and social care usage and costs were monitored.

Focus group case histories and informal interviews were used to obtain qualitative data and participants were encouraged to keep a diary to record activities.

Key methods

• ExtraCare Well-being Service data

• Self-recorded diary data

• Assessments with researchers, including psychological well-being (anxiety and depression) and functional limitations (mobility, dressing)

• Cognitive tests (language, attention, memory activities, perceptions of own health)

The results

Read the full text of the results on ARCHA's website, or view our summary infographic and brochure.

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