Shop Donations

What can I donate?

Clothing: All good quality clothing, fashionable, vintage, retro and wardrobe staples - anything goes.

Fashion Accessories: From handbags and shoes to belts and braces to jewellery and scarves, just about anything used to brighten up an outfit.

Small Electrical Items: All of our Managers have been trained in portable appliance testing, so when you're tired of the colour of your kettle and toaster, drop them into your local ExtraCare Charity Shop.

Home Accessories: From ornaments to collectible trinkets, pictures and paintings to linens and soft furnishings, if it brightens up a room we can sell it.

Books: From chick lit to suspense and reference to recipe books, there's always a good selection to choose from at an ExtraCare Charity Shop.

Toys, Games and Gifts: From children's toys and games to adult brainteasers and gifts.

Music and DVDs: Whether you're a collector who's having a clear out or your music tastes have just moved on, we'll be happy to take all your vinyl records, CDs and DVDs.

Collection Service

If you sort out four or more bin-bag size bags your local shop will come and collect them for free. Click here to find your local shop.