Recycled Goods

Charity shops were the first recyclers on the high street. Anything we can't sell in our shops we sell to a third-party recycling company which helps reduce landfill and protects the environment.

What can we recycle?

Clothing: Anything that can't be sold.

Shoes, belts and bags: Even odd shoes will have a re-use.

Books: Even tatty books that can't be sold.

Bras: There's high demand for second hand bras in third world countries.

Foreign Currency: Coins or notes.

Other items: Metals, broken jewellery, mobile phones and printer cartridges.

Collection Service

If you sort out four or more bin-bag size bags your local shop will come and collect them for free. Click here to find your local shop.

Why recycle?

Used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources.

Recycling conserves important raw materials and protects natural habitats.

Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process uses less energy than producing new products from raw materials.

Recycling reduces landfill.