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Thanking volunteers at St Helens retirement village

29th February, 2016

Volunteers at Reeve Court Retirement Village in St Helens were treated to a big thank you night recently!

A three-course meal and a fantastic display from a local band were enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Village Activity Facilitator Josh Boardman said: “Volunteers are imperative to the Village – we would simply not function without them, from litter pickers to leaflet distributers, every little helps!

“I wanted to do something bigger & better than we had ever done before to show our appreciation for our volunteers. We needed glitz, we needed glamour, and we needed a famous name! The Houghton Weavers are a very well-known band in the North of England, so when we managed to get them booked our volunteers were delighted.

“The night was destined to be a success. The room looked fantastic and the night was enjoyed by all. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of our internal and external volunteers for their continued hard work and support.”

Contact Reeve Court Village on 0151 430 4000!