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Raising money at Loughborough Charity Shop

October 2016

An ExtraCare Charity Shop volunteer has raised some extra money for the shop by agreeing to have his long hair shaved!

Loughborough Charity Shop Manager Wanda Cimelli said: “I first met Stuart in our local rock pub, when we got chatting he asked me if we needed any volunteers. I of course said yes please.

“Stuart had not been with us very long when another volunteer was leaving and we all had a night out. We had a great night with lots of laughs and then Stuart just came out with: ‘I would like to have my head shaved to raise money for ExtraCare!’

“So by the time he came in the next day I had ordered the sponsorship forms, so there was no getting out of it!”

The head shave event took place on the shop floor and another volunteer at the shop did the shaving.

Stuart raised £143 and is trying to think of his next sponsorship idea!

Wanda added: “What a brave man to go from long hair to no hair. Well done Stuart, and thank you very much!”

Stuart after the head shave
Stuart before

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