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New report highlights importance of retirement communities

3 June 2020

A new report has highlighted the importance of retirement communities in dealing with under-occupation in the UK's housing market. 

The "Too Little, Too Late? Housing for an ageing population" report, authored by Professor Les Mayhew, Professor of Statistics at Cass Business School, shows that older people are likely to be living alone or in a couple, and under-occupying homes.

The report indicates that older people should be encouraged to downsize, but there is a lack of age-friendly housing in the UK, which limits the options for millions who would otherwise choose to move.

Find out more on the ARCO (Associated Retirement Community Operators) website

At ExtraCare, we have seen this for ourselves. Our five Birmingham retirement communities are leading the way providing homes for over 1,300 older people and releasing more than 1,000 homes back into the community. And our own research says that our residents are happier, healthier and less lonely too.

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